Breaking News: Jeff Hardy Indicted by Grand Jury on Drug Charges

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIJanuary 5, 2010

After all sorts of speculation, it has now been confirmed that Jeff Hardy has been indicted for drug trafficking. He was charged for the following:

  • Felony possession of cocaine
  • Felony drug trafficking of opium
  • Felony possession with intent to redistribute a Schedule III drug (two counts)
  • Maintaining a dwelling for drug use and/or distribution
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia (misdemeanor)

Now, I want you all to keep in mind that two of these will be thrown out. One, the cocaine charge, they found such a small amount that it's doubtful he will get much of if any charge from it.

The other is possession with intent to redistribute; the issue is that they can't prove that he was selling to anyone. Basically, once the drugs reach a certain weight they add that charge in, and it's usually dropped in court if they cannot prove he was selling, which obviously takes off time in sentencing. If one is found to have sold drugs, then this charge would stand naturally.

However, the ones guaranteed to go against him, if convicted, are drug trafficking for opium, possession of drug paraphernalia, and maintaining a dwelling for drug use and/or distribution. Of course, his charge would be for use.

Now, don't be caught off guard by the names of these charges. Hardy wasn't running a drug factory; I mean he wasn't maintaining his home with billions of drugs and becoming the North Carolina drug lord, selling to all who came by.

They use weird names for charges sometimes, but it's there. One of the charges that Hardy is guaranteed to see against him if he is convicted is a misdemeanor in possession of drug paraphernalia. Which could mean anything really, like he had a pill box or something. It doesn't always mean someone has a bong or needles laying around.

So, he won't see a massive charge for that. The big charge is drug trafficking of opium, of course.

If convicted, he will see at the very least three years in prison. By U.S. aw, not just North Carolina's, even a first-time offender has to spend up to three years without a chance at a release.

It is said that the charges Hardy has against him could keep him in prison for about six or seven years, maybe more.

Hardy was originally set for a probable cause hearing on Jan. 27 for his September 2009 drug charges. The hearing then would have determined whether there was enough evidence regarding the arrest to go on the grand jury.

The hearing is not required by law, and it appears as if prosecutors wanted to move the case along through the grand jury.

It is said that North Carolina does not play around with their drug charges, so many should keep in mind that Hardy could see significant time in jail. Like I said before, he could end up spending up to seven years, possibly more if convicted.

The case will now move to superior court and is set to be on the docket by next week at some point.

Now, there is still a chance that Hardy could get off. Being indicted doesn't always mean that someone is definitely going to jail. We just think that because it seems everyone in the public eye who gets indicted seems to always get convicted.

Hardy could still be a member of the list, but many are hopeful. Word from the Hardy camp is that they feel they have enough to get Hardy off.

We will have to see if that is true, but, as of now, Hardy is only indicted. What does that mean for his new TNA deal though?

As I exclusively reported here on B/R yesterday the deal was tentative. TNA would only pay Jeff by the appearance.

So, he is not given a chance of guaranteed money with the deal. TNA could cut him at any point they wanted for any reason, and Hardy couldn't dispute it, nor would he get paid for any work he had planned for them in the future as he wouldn't have done the appearance at that point.

TNA will likely use Hardy as much as possible before the next hearing. If he is found guilty, TNA will likely release Hardy.

Like I said, there is no guaranteed money, and they can do it at any point, as the deal was tentative.

But, if he is not found guilty, then TNA will not release the Charismatic Enigma.

This is why they are obviously waiting off before cutting him, like I said, being indicted doesn't mean your totally guilty yet in the court of law.



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