The Tide Will Probably Roll, But Fortune May Favor Texas' Colt McCoy

IsmailAnalyst IJanuary 5, 2010

Who is going to win the BCS National Championship game this Thursday?

The consensus around the nation seems to favor the Alabama Crimson Tide defeating the Texas Longhorns in a battle between two unbeaten and tradition-laden programs.

It’s probably a safe bet to pick Alabama to win this game. This Tide team just does not have any holes whatsoever anywhere on the field.

They have the Heisman winning running back in Mark Ingram, who can pound the ball all night long and eat up vast quantities of game clock. He’s backed up by a smart and game managing extraordinaire at quarterback to go along with two play making wide receivers.

And then there’s the nasty defense that made Florida look like it didn’t belong on the same field as the Tide. Nick Saban is smiling at the monster he has built in Tuscaloosa.

But it’s not set in stone that Alabama has the crystal ball all wrapped up. There are still some skeletons in their closet.

There’s that suspicious curse that seems to follow Heisman winners around as they tend to lose the big game after taking home the stiff-arm statue.

And there’s the razor thin victories against Tennessee and Auburn that left us worrying once upon a time if the Tide were truly a championship level team.

Yet, solid wins against Virginia Tech, Ole Miss, South Carolina, LSU and the aforementioned dismantling of Florida all gave us a clearer picture of the potential of this Alabama team.

So count me as believing the Crimson Tide will be number one when it is all said and done.

Still, as dominant as Alabama has been all season long, no matter how they’ve found a way to win every game and easily defeat what many thought was either the best or second best team in the country, I can’t count out Colt McCoy and his impact on this game.

Truth is, although I picked Texas to reach the title game, I have not been impressed with the Longhorns all season long and I haven’t been that impressed with McCoy’s play in 2009 either.

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see Alabama put this game away by halftime and end up with a comfortable twenty point victory.

In fact, if Texas was about to suit up against Cincinnati in a bowl game, I wouldn’t be so sure the Longhorns would have a very easy time winning that contest.

Alabama blew the doors off a really good Florida team, and the Gators did the same to Cincinnati a few days ago. It makes you wonder if Alabama is going to steam roll over Texas like they were playing Arkansas.

Have we seen an undefeated, BCS conference team in the title game with so many black spots?

Texas didn’t play anyone worth mentioning out of conference and their four toughest games consisted of a decent Texas Tech team, a downtrodden, but still good Oklahoma team, an Oklahoma State team that was a mess all year and an underachieving Nebraska team.

The Longhorns only beat Oklahoma State soundly and all the rest of these games (including a shootout against Texas A&M) came down to the wire.

Give Texas credit for remaining undefeated though, no matter how they got it done, but I don’t think there’s any comparison when you look at who Alabama has beaten this year.

But as much as Texas will be an underdog on Thursday night, I can’t help but think that Colt McCoy is about to pull off a victory to cap off one of the best careers in college football history.

McCoy has always been in the shadow of Tim Tebow, but isn’t McCoy pretty close to being as good as Tebow at the college level?

McCoy has won his share of awards over his four years in Austin, but there has been no Heisman or National Championships like Tim Tebow.

So in some respects, I think there is some sort of fate awaiting McCoy that will deliver him the ultimate team prize for the ultimate team player.

The entire nation has gone ga-ga over the exploits of Tim Tebow, but I think McCoy is just as deserving of the spotlight.

Another factor is that McCoy is more NFL ready than Tebow and despite the criticisms, we may very well see McCoy shoot up the mock draft boards after an impressive showing in a bowl game.

Just ask Jamarcus Russell what that can do for your stock.

In any other era without Tim Tebow, we would be praising McCoy as the greatest college football player ever. Perhaps many consider McCoy worthy of that praise today, but it seems he has been lost in the shuffle even with his team being undefeated in his senior year.

What it comes down to is this: Alabama is clearly the better team and should win the national championship. But there’s something special about McCoy, as he is a great person and he is inexplicably an underdog in many ways that I think he may pull some tricks out of a ten gallon hat and bring home the title.


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