Floyd Mayweather: Let It Go and Show Us Your Alleged Greatness

Cliff EasthamSenior Writer IIJanuary 5, 2010

After studying people for more than a half-century I have had some very enlightening revelations. I don't mean “Illuminati” type enlightening, just very enlightening.

People throughout civilization have been divided, whether unintentionally or by choice. Old and young, black and white, hawks and doves, liberals and conservatives, democrats and republicans.

And now my friends I believe the battle lines have been drawn in the boxing ring as well. We don’t just have boxing fans for the thrill and entertainment of the “sweet science”. We are now lumped into a classification, predominately by choice.

Either you are a Manny Pacquiao fan or a Floyd Mayweather fan. The two do not intertwine, or do they?

I have to be honest, I am a huge fan of both of these great fighters. I am one of the few who can say that.  I stood right here in this same consortium and told everyone who would listen that Pacman would show the world that Miguel Cotto had been over hyped. Whether you choose to admit it or not, I was correct.

We all know what happened. I said at that time (prior to the fight) that Manny could beat any fighter  near his weight class with one exception. That exception was of course, Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Just because I am a Mayweather N**hugger, does not mean that I have ill feelings or disdain for Manny Pacquiao or any of his devotees. On the contrary, I want us all to get along. Come on, how about a hug?

See, I appreciate both these great fighters. I almost called them warriors, but caught myself in time to realize that Money is not really a warrior, because he is virtually untested. I am not being obsessive just bringing up a point.

Most people have room in their heart for more than one athlete. Just because you are a Floyd Mayweather maniac doesn’t mean you can’t give props that are due to Manny Pacquiao. I do and it doesn’t hurt one bit. No heartburn, no heart murmur, nothing!

Because of my earlier comments and articles, I have inadvertently cast a shadow over my own objectivity.

Just because you think, as do I, that Mayweather is the best fighter in the ring today, does not give you the right to demean, deface or make salacious comments to Pacman fans. I mean, you don’t pick on Cotto’s fans like that, do you?

Being a Doctor of Boxology constrains me to certain limits. I should not and will not use my “soap box” as a bully pulpit to trash other fans or to bring them to the boiling point for no apparent reason.

Mayweather fans listen up! You, my friends are the most hated of all sports fans. Why do you stand behind your hero so rigorously? What do you really say when anti-Money people say he is a world-class ducker?

What do you tell them when they ask why he hasn’t thrown hands with Shane Mosley, Cotto or Paul Williams?

I, Caesar Cliffius have done some soul searching. I have come to the painful realization that I know not why he hasn’t signed to fight one of those three fighters. I truly believe he would beat all three however the proof of the pudding would have to be in a square ring.

Mayweather could buy and sell you and me several times over, yet why has he never been willing to flex his muscles in the history book with a sound thrashing of one of the three I have mentioned?

Pretty Boy Floyd will not be able to hide behind his “donut” forever. If he could relent on the restrictions he is attempting to impose on Pacquiao and himself, we could see whether or not he deserves the claim of greatness.

It is now up to you Mr. Money, you can continue with this and ergo duck Manny Pacquiao or you can fight a bum, or at best, someone that nobody wants to see. You hold the cards, you show what you have. If you don’t make this fight happen, I will be off of you like a dirty shirt.

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