Cleveland Indians Meltdown 2008 Part 1: Have you seen enough yet?

Greg CookseyCorrespondent IJune 23, 2008

Have you seen enough yet? Last October after the Indians fell to the Boston Red Sox in game 7 of the ALCS we spent the rest of what was a very short lived World Series sick to our stomachs knowing it should have been us on the infield of Coors Field celebrating a world championship, not the Boston Red Sox!

Then came the off season when we were given a glimmer of hope. It started when CC Sabathia won the Cy young award. The next day Eric Wedge received the Manager of the year award. Later, the good vibes would continued as Grady Sizemore was given a gold glove, and Paul Byrd was given a 1 year contract extension.

Finally, we started to believe that this was the group that, with a pitching staff that featured a Cy Young award winner in Sabathia, along with a rising future candidate for the award in Fausto Carmona, a finally healthy Jake Westbrook, a seemingly revitalized Paul Byrd, and the prospect of a healthy and better Cliff Lee, was given the promise of being one of the best pitching staffs in the game.

Not only was the pitching supposed to be great, this was also supposed to be the year that the offense would finally compliment the pitching and it was all supposed to come together. And who would have blamed them for thinking that?

Surely this team had the offensive fire power in guys like Victor Martinez, Travis Hafner, Ryan Garko, even Jhonny Peralta was showing some promise.  It was all set up for us. Or so we thought.

What we have ended up with is a total mess. We have what are supposed to be core guys injured, our bullpen is a wreck, we are not having quality at bats.

What's worse is that we have a manager who seems to think that this team will still be right were it needs to be in the end and that this team will eventually come around. Someone needs to tell Eric Wedge that it is now the end of June and his team, with every position player batting under .300, is unacceptable and it's time to hit the panic button. Make some changes that will impact the club now to try to turn this season around or run up the white flag.

Have you seen enough? That is my question to you.

Now, the other side of seeing this is to have the opinion that we are only 6.5 games behind the White Sox and that with guys like Carmona coming back and the fact that CC has recently put some much better starts together, if we can get a guy like Hafner back and start hitting the ball maybe we can make a run at the post season still.

I will not completely disregard that thought, but not only are the White Sox ahead of us, the Twins and Tigers are too, and they are starting to surge!

So I will pose the question one last time, have you seen enough, or do you need to see more of this pathetic display to make up your mind?

You will not be wrong either way, but know this, the opportunity to get tools for next season may not be greater, especially with teams that could use a CC Sabathia or even a Casey Blake. If you are not going to win this year why not try to get something from a team that is? Especially since this will more than likely be both of their last year with us.The cost could be too great.

Whatever happens needs to be done soon, I cannot bear to watch more of this and neither should you.