Breaking Report: Hurricane Helms and Matt Hardy Asking For Their WWE Release?

Will HowardCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2010

Two of my sources, one of which being the source that let me to inform Joe Burgett that Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore had signed with TNA-(beating every other news outlet in the world mind you), have informed me that Shane Helms, better known as WWE's resident natural disaster, the Hurricane, has made an informal request for his release.

Helms has long wanted to form a tag team again, and joining Moore in TNA would allow him to do so.

* Side-note-there have been zero Evan Karagias sightings, this is a very good thing.*

Helms could file an official request for a release as early as 8AM Eastern time tomorrow, and much like Tommy Dreamer would more than likely be granted his release.

One of the sources also dropped the much larger piece of news that Matt Hardy might want to join his brother Jeff and his friend(s) Shannon and potentially Shane Helms in TNA if the WWE would grant him his release.

Again, he could request it as early as 8AM Eastern time, but it's more likely that Matt Hardy would wait until after the Royal Rumble to do so.

Hardy has been adamant about being close to his brother Jeff, and the WWE may block a potential request fearing that once Jeff's year is up in TNA, they might try to reform the Hardyz in the 6 sided ring, rather than have him resign with the WWE.

Matt is scheduled to meet with agents after the Smackdown tapings tonight, and as I said, could be in a meeting tomorrow morning with Helms requesting his release to join Jeff in TNA.

When Joe broke the Jeff/Shannon news people thought it was a joke, but like that tid-bit, this is the real deal.

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