SEC Football: Top Five Uniforms

Ben WhiteAnalyst IJune 23, 2008

The Top Five Uniforms of SEC Teams:


5. Vanderbilt

Though Vanderbilt traditionally is not very successful on the gridiron, they at least look good in every game.

Black, Gold, and White make a great color combination, and the styling of the uniform is very classy.  The redesigning of the logo back to the star with a V in the center was a great move.

Best Uniform Combination—Away: Gold helmet, White jersey, with black numerals and black pants.


4. Georgia

Red and Black are very powerful colors, and Georgia utilizes them well.  The Bulldogs also rock the silver britches at home or away.

The power G logo, though stolen from Green Bay, looks good on the red helmet.  Even the black jerseys look pretty good.  All in all, a very professional-looking uniform.

Best Uniform Combination—Away: Red Helmet, white jerseys with black numerals, and the famous silver britches.


3. LSU

The colors of Mardi Gras look great on the Tigers and seem very appropriate given the carnival atmosphere of Tiger Stadium.

Largely unchanged since...well, forever, LSU has the unique distinction of being able to wear the same uniform pretty much all the time, a good choice given how ugly the purple jerseys are.

The helmet is also a classic and meshes well with the white jerseys.

Best Uniform Combination—Away/Home on most occasions: Golden yellow helmet, white jersey with royal purple numerals, and golden yellow pants.


2. Alabama

The classiest uniforms in the country belong to the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Simplicity in itself is beautiful, and when simple crimson meets simple white with classic styling, it makes a great-looking uniform.

At home or away, Alabama makes old school look good with the numbered crimson helmets.

Best Uniform Combination—Home: Crimson helmet, Crimson jersey with white numerals, and white pants.


1. Auburn

While the classiest uniforms are in Tuscaloosa, head across the state to Auburn to find the best-looking.

Navy blue and orange are tough to match up, but the shade that Auburn uses meshes beautifully.

Shoulder stripes make the jersey brighten up, and the white helmet with the interlocking AU and the stripe arrangement down the center is flawless.

Auburn does it right: clean and classy.

Best Uniform Combination—Home: White helmet, Navy blue jersey with white numerals, and white pants.


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