I'm Sorry TNA, Vince Always Wins. Why I Think WWE Will Win.

Jack JackCorrespondent IJanuary 4, 2010


For me, it seems that names and times and ideas are flying back and forth about the current status of the wrestling world. I'm not worried because nothing significant is going to change.

It has been touted that Hogan said that TNA will get a 3.0 rating tonight. Now, I want to refresh your view on Hogan and give 6 points why Hogan is right or terribly wrong.

1) Hogan Himself- Hogan is an old man these days. If you think that Hogan is going to come back looking as good as say, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat you are wrong. In the early 2000's Hogan looked old, washed up, and weak. Expect more of that. The good thing that Hogan brings is name familiarity; however, as time as passed his name has been fading. Don't expect a fan base of 20 million or even 200,000 to follow him.

temporary TNA victory, long term WWE victory

2) Jeff Hardy-Jeff Hardy has been confirmed on TNA. I assure you; however, Vince is not pissing his pants. Why should he? Hardy, quite simply is playing a business game. Hardy will not be near as famous or rich if he stays with TNA. Hardy, wants Vince to squirm and maybe offer more money down the road. Hardy could also wants to build up bit more of a wrestling career portfolio than just WWE. Being gone will allow Hardy to build his star and only give WWE more power when he returns. Hardy will definitely return to WWE, don't be shocked.

temporary TNA victory, long term WWE victory

3) Location, Location, Location- The Impact Zone cannot compete with the WWE which spans the globe. That old adage proves true, as long as TNA stays relatively put they cannot compete and get a "TNA universe".  TNA's Impact Zone isnt an exciting or great home. The closest thing that the WWE has to a home is Madison Square Garden and look at the reaction of the WWE there compared to the Impact Zone. This could change if TNA leaves, but there is no word of that yet.

current WWE victory, could shift in future

4) Quality of the Show- TNA is not an amazingly better show than WWE. In terms of highlight reels, great matches and emotional content you have to hand it to the WWE. I always watch Raw, SM, and ECW. If i'm bored i watch Impact. I decided 3 months ago to watch it every week for 5 weeks. The TNA show is not well done or that great. After 5 weeks i gave up. The only better thing about TNA is the Knockouts, and if you haven't noticed, WWE has actually started to let their Diva's show cleavage and I expect the Diva's division to keep getting better.

WWE victory

5) Difference of Product- The major problem with TNA is that it has no valuable distinctions from the WWE. If the WWE belts are screwed up look at TNA's belt system. What is the difference between 6 Sides of Steel and a Steel Cage Match? Nothing. TNA thinks that repackaging the same old WWE product under a different name is a good thing. It sucks. Please dont get me started on the absolute retardedness of the Legend's Belt ether. At least the WWE belts aren't eye sores. Whoever decided to have red belts should be feathered and tarred.

WWE victory

6) Brilliance of the Management- If Dixie Carter will bare her ass on TNA and let female superstars kiss it, (like Vince did with guys, remember the Kiss my Ass club?) get punted in the head, and get her hair shaved; I'll believe in her.  Until then, don't even insult me or Vince with even implying that Dixie Carter can compete.

WWE victory

Summary: TNA will get better ratings tonight, but as long as WWE keeps improving their show and pretending that TNA doesn't exist WWE will win. TNA cannot compete without restructuring and changing everything. WWE doesn't have anything to fear.

TNA's ratings will peak then fall. Vince always wins. Hogan is overhyped. Hardy will return.