100 Days, 100 Reasons to Visit Target Field: # 97: Twins Only Stadium!

Joe LunaContributor IJanuary 4, 2010

The news was all over the local media today, Mortensen Construction handed over the keys to the castle to the Twins. MLB news reports, "The Twins and the Minnesota Ballpark Authority received the certificate of occupancy for Target Field on Dec. 22, but Monday marked the club's first official day of operation in its new $550 million ballpark."


Why does this mean anything? Well, this is THE TWINS stadium. No more renting the dome, no more handing over concessions profits to the Vikings, money from suites will go to the ball club as well. All this means that the Twins will see a major boost in revenue this coming year. While I never believed the Minnesota was a small market area, sharing profits with the Viking, truly made it difficult for the Twins to compete with other teams when picking up free agent ball players.


It wasn't an easy task leaving the Dome. In October 2005, the Twins went to state court asking for a ruling that they have no long-term lease with the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, the owner of the Metrodome. In 2006, after a year of litigation, the court ruled in favor of the Twins. That freed the club from the obligation to play in the Metrodome after the 2006 season.


The Pohlad's wished to move from the Metrodome, claiming that the Metrodome generates too little revenue for the Twins to be competitive. On May 21, 2006, the Twins' new stadium, Target Field, received the approval of the Minnesota House of Representatives and the State Senate.


In the near future, with the club receiving more stadium revenue, the Pohlad family could loosen up their purse strings (that's a big if). The Twins should then be able to compete with most clubs for top notch talent. Better talent on the field equals more people in the stands, which mean more revenue which again means better talent. A good vicious circle to be in if you're a Twins fan. And that is why "Target Field belonging to just the Twins" is my reason number 97 to visit Target Field this year.