Fire Mangini Now For His Whole Body Of Work.

Scott LContributor IJanuary 4, 2010


Such a fickle crowd. 


Back in the day, tar and feathering meant pouring tar all over a “Person of Disdain” and then showering  him with feathers for further humiliation.  Then they would tie this “Social Reject” to a rail and carry him out of town, to the city limits and dump him off with a warning that he never show his face in this town again.  This was the consensus opinion for the torch and pitchfork crowd after the  1-11 record of Eric Mangini.


How soon we forget. 


Now it’s all Kumbaya.  We beat the Steelers and ended up 4-0.  We’ve turned the corner, “Happy Days are Here Again”, and the Browns will live happily ever after.   We’re on the way to the Super Bowl!


I’m not so sure.


Four wins does not make up for a “Voluntary 10 hour Bus Ride” for the Rookies.  And the draft picks consistently on the “Don’t Bother to Show Up” List.  And the Player Agents openly admitting they will not recommend their players to the Browns.  And the “Fudging” on Injury Reports.  And the Paranoia with the Media and the Fans.  (Gawd, Eric, give us a bone that we can chew on and be satisfied with.)  And not replacing the #1 WR after trading Braylon Edwards.  And the Betrayal of Kokinis.  And the Ridiculous QB Competition for Competitive Advantage.  (Give Me a Break!  I Repeat, Give Me a Break!)


A Head Coach is supposed to lead and inspire his players to bigger and greater things.  Not be the NFL’s version of Richard M. Nixon, -- Paranoid, Ego-Driven and Power-Hungry.


A draft is supposed to produce some fresh blood and new Play-makers to the team.  Trading down for Mack was risky but I can see the logic there.  (OK, some Kudos for that strategy and pick)  The Browns needed some OL help and he looks like a long-term answer at Center.  (Remember LeCharles Bentley?)  But other picks should, at least, show up and play to be evaluated.  MoMass , IMO, is still a question mark.  At this point he might make a good slot receiver, but a 2nd round pick isn’t supposed to be a project.  He’s supposed to be a difference maker.  And certainly Robo, picked before MoMass is supposed to be a difference maker for sure, not a situational part-time player usually deactivated on Sundays.  How about David Veikune, DE out of Hawaii?  Let me repeat, DE, not ILB.  Wasn’t that why Maiava was drafted for, LB?  And where is he?


Let’s talk about Cribbs.  The most dynamic and loyal player that the Browns have had in a long time.  Let’s try him at WR.  Catching a punt is just like running a route and catching a pass.  Can you say “Desperation”?


A Head Coach is supposed to know what he’s doing from the start.


Let’s see if John St. Clair can cut it at RT.  AHH, NO.  Let’s see if John St. Clair can cut it at RT.  AHH, No.  Let’s see if, . . .  When Fraley was tried at RG the OL stabilized and was decent for a game.  So what does Mangini do?  Let’s try Fraley at TE.  WTF?  Let’s try Royal, who’s even worse at TE.  After 3 or 4 weeks of Evan Moore lighting up the practice field, why not try him at TE. OMG, Mangini is such a great judge of talent! 


Harrison.  Naah.  I’ll leave that as so obvious that no more words need said.


I’m sure many here could go on with their frustrations earlier in the season.


Holmgren has said that he will make his judgment on the whole body of work.  So let’s not forget the whole body of work. 


The question has been asked if Mangini can work with whoever Holmgren brings into the organization.  Perhaps a better question would be who would work for and with Mangini after he’s burned so many bridges with other NFL people, the Fans and the Media?


Holmgren has said that he tried to work with the previous regime in Seattle when he arrived but it only delayed the inevitable.  He needed to wipe the slate clean and work with his people from the start.  He said he would not make the same mistake again.


If Holmgren is going to install a new Philosophy, a new Organization, and everyone on the same page going forward together, he should start with a clean slate.  I know, OMG, another Rebuild.  Let’s look at it as a Remodel.  Mangini already bulldozed everything down to level ground. 


With Inspiration, not Paranoia, with Encouragement, not Belittlement, and with an overall Professional Plan, not an Ego-Driven Grab for Power, the only way is UP, not a another complete teardown and Rebuild.


Of course, the only place in the Browns organization that I’m qualified for is the Billionaire Playboy Owner Position, -- but, (heavy sigh) that spot is already taken.


Have at it Ladies and Gentlemen.