TCU and Boise State: Declaring a National Champion in Tempe?

Alabama VoodooCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2010

Is the BCS on point or just a bunch of idiots? Do they have the common sense the majority of college football fans share, or has this nonsense of a mythical national championship finally come to a head?

Before I answer these questions and start rubbing people the wrong way, let me say congratulations to the Universities of Alabama and Texas for wonderful seasons and finishing 13-0 and No. 1 and No. 2 in the final BCS Poll. 

They have a claim to play in the BCS title game just as much as Texas Christian and Boise State do.

All I know is this: College football columnists and fans are sick and tired of the injustices displayed by the powers that be and primarily the whole BCS formula for taking away the opportunity of deserving schools to play for this so-called national championship. 

I bet there is an entire set of fans in Texas and Idaho who feel the same exact way as I do. I’m even willing to bet that the faithful fans of the Crimson Tide and the Longhorns feel somewhat lucky this year as well, as they were lucky enough to go undefeated and have the tradition that the other undefeated teams lack to be voted No. 1 and No. 2. 

How can the NCAA declare a national champion when the winner of the BCS title game does not win it all on the field legitimately?  

As you know, tonight, either TCU or Boise State will have finished the regular season and bowl season undefeated and with no real recognition as a champion other than what they came into it as—a conference champion.

The entire formula is a farce and a real case of discrimination that is based on a formula, and poll voters who lack the real knowledge to vote on the fate of deciding a national championship. 

The BCS is blindly spearheaded, without even knowing it, by Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso's washed up opinions and public pining for their personal favorites.  

Without question, there are biases based on conference allegiances, differences between fellow coaches, computer ratings, and, even more so, in this old fogey poll of legacy idiots called the Harris Poll. 

In the meantime, they are using mass media communications (e.g. ESPN) to persuade the undecided voters in the past and now fooling those mentioned in the Harris Poll regularly. 

Is NCAA Division I Football the only NCAA sport that does not settle their championship on the field in a tournament type format?  It would seem the answer is yes, and, for the life of me, the tradition of these bowl games would be none less tainted as they already are with such classics as the Papa John’, Little Caesar’s, Insight, and the Meineke bowls crowding our holiday television air waves.

How could the BCS committee not have a 16-or an eight-team tournament to settle it on the field just like their very own subdivisions do?

College football fans would even settle for a plus-one game where most importantly, within reason, claiming a national champion would appear legitimate rather than mythical, as it already is.

The BCS formula has been tweaked, changed, and modified for years with no true champion crowned. 

When the BCS announced they were adding an extra game, they missed it completely as the plus-one formula was passed by. What were they thinking?

Since the inception of the BCS, teams such as Ohio State and Oklahoma have continually been waylaid and flogged like outclassed tackling dummies year in and year out, simply gaining recognition based on their history and tradition.   

The Big 12 had two representatives on different occasions: When Nebraska in 2001 and Oklahoma in 2003 participated in the BCS championship games as the second place team within their very own conference.  

These teams, unfortunately, did not deserve to attend and, primarily, all they did was “attend.” They lost in displays of humility and physical punishment.

There were two other BCS travesties committed by the NCAA with the Sooners' help in 2004 and 2008. 

During the 2004 season, the Oklahoma Sooners beat out the undefeated SEC Champion—the Auburn Tigers, whose fate was sealed by Bob Stoops' very own brother’s unethical voting in the USA Today Coaches Poll. 

Ever wonder why their results became public knowledge after 2004? Shocking, I know.  

In 2004, Auburn had four victories against 10-win teams, but scheduling The Citadel between LSU and Tennessee was the strength-of-schedule excuse of voters? Maybe they should have played Michigan that week. 

During the 2004 BCS title game, Oklahoma “laid down and rolled over” in the Orange Bowl to the drumming of 55 points placed on the scoreboard by the USC Trojans.  

The Oklahoma fans were so disenchanted that the rain of “boos” that befell Ashlee Simpson during her halftime show were so traumatizing she has yet to recover and write another hit. 

Too bad she didn’t realize those “boos” were directed at the outmanned and over-matched Sooners—not her penchant for lip-syncing her music. Who knew?

Once again, in 2008, those overrated and frequently glamorized Oklahoma Sooners somehow waltzed into the BCS title game. 

Subsequently they choked again, becoming the benevolent recipient of the “Oops, We Did It Again” award by the BCS for a record third time since 2003.

Didn’t everyone else think the Texas Longhorns deserved to play for the national title? What about Texas Tech and, let us not forget, the mighty warriors of Troy?

Another wasted year as the BCS screwed us all over again.

So, yes, the BCS committee is a bunch of idiots, and they lack the common sense of the fanbase who passionately follows and spends billions of dollars collectively each season. 

Tonight’s Fiesta Bowl is further proof the BCS has yet to wake up and smell the coffee. 

And to think, semifinal matchups of Texas vs. Texas Christian and Alabama vs. Boise State would generate the buzz and excitement this sport is truly missing. 

Not only would it make for a legitimate national champion, but also it would also fix this so-called “stain” on the sport of college football. 

Until the day we truly see some sort of playoff or plus-one, what’s to say that the winner of matchups like tonight’s Fiesta Bowl can’t say, “We’re the best in America and we’re No. 1!” 

I know if I were a fan and especially a player or a coach, I’d be yelling the same thing—"We're No. 1!"


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