It's Been a While...and the Cincinnati Reds Still Haven't Done Anything

StephenCorrespondent IJanuary 4, 2010

CINCINNATI - JULY 19:  Willy Taveras #3 of the Cincinnati Reds runs to third base during the game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Great American Ball Park on July 19, 2009 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It’s been quite a while since my last update.  By now, I would be surprised if anyone even bothers to check (as if anyone did before). Since the Cincinnati Reds’ disappointing season once again came to an early end (I’m talking midsummer, not the lack of playoff games), I mailed it in just like they did and started focusing on other things.

I’ve been busy with college football, Marshall’s search for a new head coach (which, in my opinion, also ended in disappointment—but that’s a whole different story), a surprisingly wonderful Bengals’ season, and a little UK basketball sprinkled in here and there. Oh yeah, did I mention my wife and I just had our first baby? I think that may have consumed some blogging time as well. The poor girl is a Reds fan already, whether she likes it or not.

There are some things in life that you cannot choose; they choose you. The Reds chose me and have thus chosen my daughter. Sorry kid. Maybe she’ll live to see the Reds make the playoffs. At this rate however, it’s unlikely.

And that brings me to the other reason I haven’t been blogging like a madman about the Redlegs. What have they done to blog about? If the Winter Meetings weren’t so close in Indianapolis, I doubt Walt Jocketty would have even bothered going. Save the money if you’re just going to window shop, right?

So every few days I will check to see if there is any breaking news that is blog-worthy, and all I continue to see is that the Reds Shop is having a clearance sale. The only clearance sale I’m interested in is one involving players. 

Perhaps saying the Reds have done “nothing” this offseason is a bit of a sweeping statement.  They did decide not to tender a contract to Jonny Gomes and did bring back Laynce Nix for a minor league deal. Bad idea, in my opinion. They seem to have decided to keep the dead weight that is Willy Taveras. Things didn’t work out with Craig Counsell, but you won’t find me crying about that. Jocketty restructured Rolen’s contract, making him less of a financial burden, but a financial burden nonetheless.

Oh yeah, and they signed AAAA player Chris Burke to a minor league deal. Burke, an Astros first round dud, is a career .239 hitter over six MLB seasons. But he can play multiple positions! This guy will be in Cincinnati in no time.

After last season, I was ready for some baseball about a month after the World Series ended. The reason being that I felt like we had a good enough rotation that we could possibly pull the rabbit out of the hat and still be in contention come late summer.

I also have to admit that, though I wasn’t a fan of the Taveras signing, I tried to make the most of it and bought into the Spring Training hype that he could (and would at least try to) steal 80-plus bags. I’m actually embarrassed to admit that. But as the season went on and the Reds’ lack of depth (among other things) became painfully obvious, I gave up. The Joey Votto saga really took it out of me.

This year though, I’m content to enjoy postseason football on my new HDTV. I’m sure once the Super Bowl is over, I’ll be ready to hop in the car and drive to Arizona for Spring Training.

Oh well, here’s hoping for something miraculous for the Reds in 2010. Happy New Year everyone.