The All New York Baseball Team

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IJune 23, 2008

Ok, here’s a hypothetical question. Say you were given the opportunity to merge the two New York baseball clubs, the Yankees and Mets, into a single 25- player team. Who would make the cut? Who wouldn’t? I tried to answer this question, and it wasn’t easy. However, after putting in a lot of thought into the matter, this is my roster:

The Starting 9

1)     Shortstop: Jose Reyes

This was definitely the most difficult decision I had to make in formulating the team. However, after considering the fact that Jeter is having a down season, the fact that that the Mets are somewhat underrepresented in my team, and the fact that my team would need a speedy lead-off hitter, I reluctantly chose to go with the speedy Jose Reyes.

2)     2nd Base: Robinson Cano

He’s having a bit of a down season, but there is no doubt that Cano is the best player at 2nd in New York.

3)     3rd Base: Alex Rodriguez

He’s the best player in baseball today. Period.

4)     1st Base: Jason Giambi

Giambi isn’t exactly the best 1st baseman nowadays, but Carlos Delgado has been significantly worse. At least Giambi would give the team some power.

5)     Catcher: Jorge Posada

Posada may be a future hall of fame catcher, and even in his older age he is still a star- caliber player. This choice wasn’t hard at all.

6)     Center Field: Carlos Beltran

This was a much harder decision for me than you would initially think, although in the end I had to go with the more talented player.

7)     Designated Hitter: Hideki Matsui

Hideki simply knows how to hit, and he has proven that he can do it from the DH spot in a lineup.

8)     Right Field: Bobby Abreu

Choosing between Abreu and Church wasn’t easy, but in the end Abreu is simply the more accomplished player.

9)     Left Field: Johnny Damon

Damon is having an All Star caliber year, while Alou has spent most of the year on the DL. This was an easy choice as a result.


The Bench

10)  Backup Catcher: Brian Schneider

Brian is a great defensive catcher; perfect as a backup catcher.

11)  Utility Infielder: Wilson Betemit

He can play just about anywhere on the field, and he hits pretty well too.

12)  Backup Outfielder: Melky Cabrera

He’s the best defensive outfielder on either New York team, and he’s a switch hitter, which would prove valuable coming off of the bench.

13)  Infielder: David Wright

He’s simply a big time player, so I had to find a way to put him on this team.

14)  Infielder: Derek Jeter

When you have a future hall of fame shortstop coming off of your bench, you know you have a good team.


Starting Rotation

15) Starting Pitcher: Johan Santana

He’s one of the greatest pitchers in the game today.

16)  Starting Pitcher: Chien Ming Wang

Wang is one of the most solid sinker- balers in major league baseball. He was an easy choice for the number 2 slot on my rotation.

17)  Starting Pitcher: John Maine

Maine has put up some solid numbers as a young pitcher for the Mets.

18)  Starting Pitcher: Joba Chamberlain

Many people are calling Joba the next big thing, and he’s already begun to show why: with a 100 mph fastball and pinpoint control, the kid has the ability to dominate.

19)  Starting Pitcher: Pedro Martinez

He’s on the back- end of his career, but its always good to have veteran leadership somewhere on your staff.



20) Long Reliever: Scott Schoeneweis

He’s put up very solid numbers in long relief roles.

21) Middle Relief: Jose Veras

A diamond in the rough for the New York Yankees, Jose Veras is in the midst of a breakout season. With his 97 mph fastball and knee- buckling curveball, it’s a wonder how we haven’t heard his name sooner.

22) Middle Relief:  Brian Bruney

He’s on the DL now, but when he was healthy he was putting together a career year.

23) Lefty Specialist: Pedro Feliciano

The Mets’ lefty has been one of the few bright spots for the Mets this season.

24)  Setup Man: Billy Wagner

He hasn’t fared well in save situations this season, but as a setup man he should be dominant.

25) Closer: Mariano Rivera

Simply stated, Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer in the history of baseball.