25 Most Painful Bills Games Of The 2000s

John HugarContributor IIIJanuary 4, 2010

ATLANTA - DECEMBER 27:  Quarterback Brian Brohm #4 of the Buffalo Bills walks off the field after a turnover that resulted in a touchdown for the Atlanta Falcons at Georgia Dome on December 27, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It's been a rough 10 years for Bills fans. not just the failure to make the playoffs, but the horrible, gut-wrenching ways the Bills managed to blow so many of those games. I have ranked and evaluated them for your enjoyment/pain. Have fun!

25. Packers 10, Bills 0- 12/22/02
Bills were barely alive in the playoffs, but the Bills couldn't score once despite two first-and goals.
24. Jets 16, Bills 14- 10-10-04
Bills overcome a 13-0 deficit in the second half, but can't stop Chad Pennington when it mattered. they fell to 0-4.
23. Lions 20, Bills 17- 10-15-06
Right in the middle of the October Storm, when things couldn't get worse, the Bills blow a game to the 0-5 Lions. ouch.
22. Cowboys 10, Bills 6- 11-9-03
No offense whatsoever. Bledsoe got sacked on almost every drive. Reminded us that this team just wasn't a contender.
21. Dolphins 27, Bills 24- 11-25-01
One of many bad losses in the Bills 01 campaign, but made worse by the fact that they easily could've won. Instead, they fell to 1-9, and Bills fans continued to suffer.
20. Vikings 34, Bills 27- 10-29-00
Bills nearly topple an undefeated juggernaut, instead, they dropped to 3-4, and Wade Phillips still liked Rob Johnson better than Flutie.
19. Chargers 48, Bills 10- 11-20-05
Just when the 2005 season was back on track, the Bills dropped a humiliating one to a san Diego team that came out swinging. It was long over by half-time.
18. Saints 19, Bills 7- 10-1-06
They lost to the Saints right after Katrina, when Aaron brooks was still leading them into oblivion. they also had the disappointment of Terrence McGee taking a kickoff return to the 10 right as the half was ending. He tripped over his own player, and the half ended. The Bills never scored again.
17. Dolphins 33, Bills 6- 12-3-00
The rare game where Johnson and Flutie both sucked. Wade Phillips quit on his team after this, saying they were out of contention, even though they were 7-6. In a way, all the pain started here.
16. Browns 8, Bills 0 12-16-07
Bills had a chance to make the playoffs, but Trent Edwards inability to play in cold weather meant they were doomed from start. This was three hours of awful throw after awful throw, leaving everyone with a bad taste in their mouth.
15. Chargers 27, Bills 24 - 10-28-01
The Johnson-Flutie game. Could've been a satisfying win, until the Bills agme up a huge kick return that lead to the game winner. Bilsl fell to 105, ad we knew it wasn't their year.
14. Jets 31, Bills 27- 12-14-08
A fairly pleasant game, until the Losman fumble ruined everything. Shaun Ellis took it back for a touchdown to take the lead. Losman turned it over two more times after that. No surprise, he was gona after that.
13-10. 4-Way-Tie: the Season openers from 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2009
2004: Jaguars 13, Bills 10: Had the win until the last play, a stunning catch the end zone. the receiver was out of bounds, but he was pushed so it was ok. Oh, that rule doesn't exist anymore. So if this happens now, the Bills win. Oh well.
2006: Pats 19, Bills 17: With a 10-point lead, Jauron goes for it on 4th and 1 at the Pats 7 yard line. He doesn't get it, the Pats get the momentum, and take it over. the game winning play was a safety.
2007: Broncos 15, Bills 14: The ending was painful enough, with Jason Elam making the game winnder as time ran out, but the Kevin Everett injury sets this one apart. He would walk again, amazingly, but his career was over. And we'll never know how good he could've been.
2009: Pats 25, Bills 24: Bills blow an 11-point lead in the final 5 minutes. Fans take out their frustration of Leodis McKelvin, whose fumble set up the game winning score. he was lost for the season two weeks later, we'll see if he ever lives this down.
9. Jets 30, Bills 3- 10-12-03
The exact moment we knew the 2003 Bills just weren't that good. This was 3 hours of torture against a Jets team that was hardly intimidating, considering they finished with the same 6-10 the Bills did.
8. Browns 6, Bills 3 - 10-11-09
Possibly the worst professional football game ever played. Derek Anderson completed only 2 passes, and the Bills still lost, due to their pathetic offensive line committing 11 penalties, and Roscoe fumbling a punt return late in the 4th to set up the win for Cleveland.
7. Pats 38, Bills 7 - 11-3-02
The first Bledsoe-Brady game, where Brady embarrassed the Bills all game long. Wouldn't be so high if it weren't such a harbinger of bad things to come. The Pats continue to be the thorn in the Bills side.
6. Titans 30, Bills 29 - 12-24-06
Once again, Bills have a slim shot at the playoffs, trying to hang on against a surging Titans team. Lindell tells Jauron he can't make a 45-yarder into the wind, so they go for it Losman's pass is incomplete. The Bills lose, I break my stereo in anger.
5. Browns 29, Bills 27 - 11-17-08
Edwards throws 3 picks in the first quarter, but the Bills fight back, taking a 27-26 lead late in the game. Phil Dawson hits from 56 yards to put the Browns in front. Jauron decides 47-yards isn't a long distance for a field goal, and Lindell pulls it. This one out the Bills at 5-5 after a 5-1 start, and really killed the Bills promising season.
4. Dolphins 16, Bills 3 - 12-16-08
The Toronto game. The Bills had their chances, but Losman couldn't do anything, even in the red zone, the one dropped the Bills to 6-7. and officially out of the playoffs. Seeing the Bills play in Toronto was bad enough. Seeing them play this bad? Now that hurt.
3. Steelers 29, Bills 24 - 1-2-05
After a stunning 6-game winning streak, the Bills were on the edge of the playoffs. They needed to beat a Steelers team that had locked up home field advantage, and was resting all of its starters. They weren't up to the task. Bledsoe made bad mistakes, the defense couldn't stop Brian St. Pierre, and Lindell couldn't hit from 28 yards. Everything that could go wrong did, and the Bills stayed home again.
2. Dolphins 24, Bills 23 - 12-4-05
After the wheels had fallen off the 2005 Bills, they finally were putting on a show. Losman threw 3 TD passes in the first half, and the bills lead 23-3. Then, in the 4th quarter, disaster struck. the Bills suddenly couldn't stop the Dolphins offense. Sage Rosenfels lead the Dolphins to 3 stunning scores for the 1-point victory. A shocking, demoralizing defeat.
1. Cowboys 25, Bills 24 - 10-8-07
This had to be number one. there were just too many factors here. It was Dallas. It was Wade Phillips. It was Monday Night Football. A win would've been so satisfying. After picking off Romo 5 times, and taking 2 for touchdowns, along with a kick-return, the Bills were in the driver's seat. Still, Dallas fought back in the game, scoring late to make it 24-22. When the Bills stopped the 2-point conversion, it looked over. They couldn't recover the onside kick, the couldn't prevent Dallas from getting in field goal range. Still, a 53 yarder wasn't a sure thing, but Nick Folk made it...twice. Jauron called time out just before the first one went through, and he had to do it again. there was no way this could happen, but he found away. As the second kick sailed through the uprights, the collective heart of Buffalo was ripped in half. That sequence of events was unbearable. Buffalo's arch nemesis had stolen another victory from us. There were a lot of painful games in the past 10 years, but this was just tragic.