Richie Sexson to the Mets? It Could Work

Ryan FayContributor IJune 23, 2008

The Seattle Mariners are considering releasing first baseman Richie Sexson. There seems to be one ideal landing place: Shea Stadium.

Sexson, in the final year of a four-year $48 million contract, would make a good platoon partner with Carlos Delgado, the current Mets' first baseman.

Delgado, like Sexson, is in the final year of his contract. The Mets do hold an option on Delgado for 2009, but it's widely expected the Mets will decline the option and buy him out for $4 million.

Delgado hasn't been particularly effective against lefties or righties, but he has produced more against right handed pitching:

Delgado vs. LHP in 08: .229/.273/.398

Delgado vs. RHP in 08: .241/.327/.417

Sexson is the opposite as he has done more against lefties, and his split is much more pronounced than Delgado's.

Sexson vs. LHP in 08: .356/.420/.578

Sexson vs. RHP in 08: .175/.266/.313

The Mets could play Sexson against left-handers and Delgado against right-handers. They'd get the best out of both players and ideally improve their offense along the way.

While Shea Stadium is a pitchers' park like Seattle's Safeco Field is, it's worth noting that Sexson has hit significantly better away from Seattle this year.

Sexson at home in 08: .179/.248/.245

Sexson on the road in 08: .248/.347/.495

With both players in the final year of their current contracts, the Mets should gamble on Sexson and hope that a platoon with Delgado gives the lineup some juice. There isn't a lot of downside. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. Neither player would be long-term solutions anyway.