Denver Broncos Lose; The Mourning After

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Denver Broncos Lose; The Mourning After
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Yesterday I was so sure we were going to win and things would fall right for us to make it into the playoffs. Josh McDaniels was alright in my book. Even the benching didn't deter my knowing we would win. We were home against the 31st ranked run defense. All we had to do was show up. Our defense is great now. We have Buckhalter back. Easy win.

We lost. To the Chefs at home. WTF. We didn't/couldn't run the ball and couldn't stop the run. Can't win with that combination. We looked like we were the 31st ranked D against the run and a 4-12 record. It was a worse collapse than last year in my opinion. Everything everyone had said about us was true. We are not very good and got lucky to be 6-0.

Needless to say my love for McDaniels has subsided. Until yesterday I was on his side. Now, I can only sit in wonder of where the season went awry. What was different from the start of the season? We were 6-0, proving everyone who said we would not be very good, wrong. We became no better than what we were last year, maybe worse. 2-8 after the bye. Losing 4 of 5 at home. Unacceptable.

Now what? Where do we go? I can see wholesale changes on the horizon. I can see start over. Rebuild. I don't want that. 8-8 sucks, but it's a hell of a lot better than 4-12. What I want is a coach who can see a players talent(no matter who drafted them) and adapt to it. Find ways to use them. What I want is a coach who doesn't use players as a scapegoat for lack of production. It's his job to get the most out of them. If he doesn't it's his fault.

Money-Always at the root.
Power-Can cause you to trip.
There were many struggles this year involving both these problems. Contracts, CBA, jealousy, stability, value, trust. There has been lies, deceit and accusations thrown around. I thought we were going to be a team of character under the new regime. Players that are not in the news for the wrong reasons. I didn't think the coaches character was the one to question. I don't think that this is the team I fell in love with anymore. In fact, this is everything, in an organization, I don't want to be part of. Do I see myself purging myself of the addiction toward the Denver Broncos? Probably not.

I need a break. I know that. It has been a long year. Things I thought should have been done differently weren't. I have realized one thing this year. What I think or say doesn't matter at all. They have a product I happen to love, the Denver Broncos. If there are changes I don't like, just like many other products, I have two choices. One, I deal with the change and continue to buy the product even though I don't like it as much as before. Two, stop buying the product and find one I like. I need some time to think on that for awhile......

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