Wes Welker Fallen, Don't Be Afraid To Play Football

Tray LeonidasCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2017

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Today we lost a General of Patriot nation.

Wes Welker, A 3 year, slot receiver of the Patriots, has fallen to an ACL injury.

Sound familiar Patriot Nation? It should, Because another has fallen the same way. The Hero who has brought success to New England with the help of his team and fans. The Hero, we know as Tom Brady.

Fans are saying they now understand why Bill Polian has done what he did. Well I still think Polian's decision was much more out of line than Belichick's was. Here's why.

You can't be afraid to play the game, EVER. I would have started my starters in that game too. What happened to Welker was a freak accident, that rarely happens in football.

As far as I'm concerned, It could have happened to anyone. It just happened to be one of the Generals of Patriot Nation. There are both Positives and Negatives to resting and playing his starters. Think about it this way...

What if Belichick didn't start Brady, Moss, Welker, and more valuable starters, and they came out flat in the playoffs? We'd be calling for Belichick's job!

It's unfortunate that Welker had to fall the way he did, but Belichick is not at fault. We'd be calling him a coward if he didn't start anyone. I mean resting hasn't worked for the Colts, it hasn't worked for us, why should we rest?

We need to stick with what has worked, and that's playing football. Not being afraid of getting hurt. Playing like your lives are on the line. Playing like every down is your last.

I know Wes Welker played like that. We shouldn't blame BB for doing what he thought was best. In Bill we trust. In Patriot Nation, greatness happens.

Which Brings me to my final point, one that I have reiterated before. You cant be afraid to play the game. That's what separates us from the Colts. They want to get all the regular season records, fine.

That did them some good in the playoffs.

Let's stick to our guns. I Trust BB, so we should stay until the ride is over.

I wish for a speedy recovery for Wes Welker, and for Julian Edelman to carry his workload the best he can.

Happy New Year Patriot Nation.