Shawn Marion the Odd Man Out in Miami?

Micah SecorCorrespondent IJune 23, 2008

With the NBA Draft coming upon us, significant trade rumors have been swirling about the league regarding all-star players.

One of them is Shawn Marion.

His agent, Dan Fegan, has indicated that Marion will not opt out of his $17.8 million contract for next season and will remain with the team.

With the Chicago Bulls slated to take PG Derrick Rose with the first pick, that leaves the Heat selecting Michael Beasley, who plays SF, the same position as Marion.

The Heat could build around Dwayne Wade and Michael Beasley while revamping their roster if they trade Marion for a much needed big man.

Rumors have been circulating that possible Marion suitors would be the Los Angeles Clippers or Lakers.

The Heat would package a deal centered around Marion for Elton Brand.

As of now, that rumor has been shot down by the Clippers, and rightfully so.

Donald Sterling and Elgin Baylor would have to be out of their minds to give up EB.

Another possible suitor would be the Lakers, who would send Lamar Odom for Marion.

But that deal is unlikely to occur as well.

On paper, the Heat are in desperate need of a big man, and there are many other teams around the league willing to acquire Marion.

It only makes sense, because with Beasley starting at the SF, the only other position Marion would play is PF, which he is capable of. But, that would leave a shorter lineup.

The only true big man the Heat have is Udonis Haslem. Marion, however, could parlay into front-court help.

This whole issue will be moot if Derrick Rose falls to the two spot for the Heat, which is highly unlikely.

The Heat could end up pairing Wade and Marion with Beasley, but for the better of the team, they must acquire a big man. The only way to accomplish that is parting with Marion.