Alex Rodriguez: The Key to Fantasy Baseball?

Dominick ScarfoglieroContributor IJune 23, 2008

To be successful in a fantasy sport there are many things that you need to keep in mind.

For one thing, your first pick is not always your best. It is now toward the end of June and look who is doing the best, Lance Berkman.

Yes, your No. 1 pick A-Rod is very hot since coming off the DL, but he is still not ranked number one in Yahoo!

Fantasy Baseball, Berkman is. Berkman is a No. 2 pick or in smaller leagues a No. 3. The Big Puma delivers every year constantly, but never puts up the numbers of A-Rod.

Although I think that having a player in the top 10 is important, I do not think it is everything. You need to have at least three players all under the 50 Rank that are all good in different ways.

Meaning, have Carl Crawford for stolen bases, Ryan Braun for power, and Suzuki for hit and runs. These three categories will improve your fantasy team.

The draft is where you should be getting these players from, but if you are a sleeper at the draft, you need to make trades fast! You need to get into some three-for-one trades.

Trade three of your bench players for a guy like Crawford. Then pick up two other players who are hot at the time. This is one very important key to win a fantasy baseball league.

Change. Change is the number one most important thing in Fantasy Baseball.

Adds, drops, and trades should be your number one priority. If you have the same team at the end of the year that you did in the beginning of the year, you are insane.

I feel that you should trade your players more frequently, and always keep on making adds. Players get hurt and players get hot and also cool down. For example look at my 2008 fantasy team at the end of the draft:

1.(11)Alfonso SorianoLF,CF
2.(14)Ryan Braun3B,LF
3.(35)Álex RíosCF,RF
4.(38)Troy TulowitzkiSS
5.(59)Carlos ZambranoSP
6.(62)Garrett Atkins1B,3B
7.(83)Francisco RodríguezRP
8.(86)Daisuke MatsuzakaSP
9.(107)Kosuke FukudomeRF
10.(110)A.J. BurnettSP
11.(131)Kenji JohjimaC
12.(134)Kelvim EscobarSP
13.(155)Orlando Hudson2B
14.(158)B.J. RyanRP
15.(179)Jermaine DyeRF
16.(182)Derek LoweSP
17.(203)Michael CuddyerRF
18.(206)Curt SchillingSP
19.(227)Gary Matthews Jr.LF,CF,RF
20.(230)Andrew MillerSP
21.(251)Scott Rolen3B
22.(254)Mark BuehrleSP

With this team I would have gotten no where in my 12 team league. Now look at my team at the end of June:


(NYY - C)
(Col - 1B,3B)
(LAA - 2B,3B,RF)
(Mil - 3B,LF)
(Was - SS)
(TB - LF)
(Bos - LF,CF,RF)
(Ari - 2B)
(Bos - SP)
(LAA - RP)
(Cin - RP)
(Tor - RP)
(Was - RP)
(Atl - RP)
(ChC - SP,RP)
(CWS - RF)
(Tor - CF,RF)
(Pit - C,RF)
(ChC - LF,CF) DL
(ChC - SP)
(Tor - SP)
(Det - SP)

What a difference! I now have those three guys who will get me power and speed! It must have worked, because I am now tied for first place in my league!

The key to winning a Fantasy Baseball is having good hitting, and not worrying about your pitching so much. Why not pitching you may ask? Why? 

Compare C.C. Sabathia and Ryan Dempster. I did not even draft Dempster and he already is better than C.C.

C.C. is ranked 35 in most leagues and Dempster is 135. Already Dempster is better in every pitching category except for strikeouts. This is why I feel that it is better to pick up hot pitchers as the season goes on. Save the top draft picks for other players, meaning batters.

Having a bench for your hitting is not so much important. When do you really use your bench? When your guys are not playing or they are hurt. I feel that if you have a strong bench you need to trade for a top ranked player.

I also feel that the other teams in your league are not as smart as you after you have read this article, so you need to trade a guy like C.C. for a guy like Carlos Quentin of the White Sox.

The other team will be like, "WOW, this guy's an idiot, he wants to trade a guy ranked 35 for my guy only ranked 135! What a deal!!" And what will you say? "Haha OK we will see my friend!" These are some tips for a successful Fantasy Baseball team.

These are some of my main tips for a successful Fantasy Baseball team! If you have any question or comments, feel free to e-mail me at


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