Replacing the Good Ol' Boys at Texas Tech

Alli MContributor IJanuary 3, 2010

The hot topics that currently arise in my house are puppy training, ghosts, and the Leach controversy.  

While throwing his rugby ball around the house, my boyfriend pointed out an interesting fact about the Leach controversy.

Gerald Myers is of a bygone era — "The Good Ol' Boy."

While that's not a fact to most students at Texas Tech, they do believe that if and when Gerald Myers is no more, Marsha Sharp could take his place.

This would be a HUGE step forward for the Tech University if this were to happen.

First off, Sharp is a female.  

Why is that such a big issue?  Gender shouldn't matter, right?  

Not in Lubbock, a small town that pretends to be a city stuck in 1965.

Let me paint you this picture:  If a woman were to own a business, she would not be owning the business but rather running the business from behind the scenes, and her husband or male partner would be the owner.  That is just how the cookie crumbles here.

Second, Sharp has won a National Title.  She has extensive experience with recruiting, winning, and understands the politics of the Tech administration.  

Thirdly, Sharp would be a groundbreaking figure in the Tech administration, sports world, and in a social sense.  

Tech needs to take this step.

It would not only provide a step towards mending the University's reputation, it would also be a popular move with the students, alumni, and possibly the townies.

Sharp's addition would be a wonderful movemnet forward from 1965 to at least 2000 for both Texas Tech and Lubbock.