100 Days 100 Reasons To Visit Target Field #98: Better Grub and Food!

Joe Luna@@bugs_lunaContributor IJanuary 3, 2010

100 Days, 100 Reasons to visit Target Field.  Reason 98:  Better Food, bye bye Dome Dog
With 98 days left until the Target Field Opener, today I discuss reason #98, better food!
How many of you loyal Twins actually loved the Dome Dog?  Cmon' fess up, you know it was a tradition to get a Dome dog every time you went to a game.  It was for me too, but I'll be honest, it was horrible.   I can't believe it was the signature food of choice for so long.  
While the Milwaukee Brewers have their awesome brats by Klements, the Phillies have Campos' phillycheese steak, tasty shrimp tacos are sold for the San Diego Padres fans, even the lowly Baltimore Orioles have their famous Maryland crab cakes, we in Minnesota have had a generic foot-long hotdog!  We deserve better and at Target Field we will.
In the off season the Twins made a major acquisition, they hired a new executive chef for the stadium. His name is Pastor Jimenez and he's spent the last 23 years as an executive chef at various restaurants and stadiums.   His last three years he oversaw the yummy-ness that is Miller Park in Milwaukee.  
The Twins and their new food supplier, Sportservice, will be partnering up with local businesses that will bring Minnesota cuisine to the ball park.   Rumors has it the Murray's Steakhouse of downtown is one of the first to sign up and they will be selling "special" steak sandwiches for Target Field.   Other rumors include wall-eye bites as well
Here is the official list so far:         
Taste of Twins Territory- The ballpark's general concession stand serving all the basics - hot dogs, peanuts, nachos, etc.
Hennepin Grille  - Burgers and chicken sandwiches are the stars of these stands.
Mill City Grill - Don't be surprised if a steak sandwich headlines these locations.
Halsey's Sausage Haus - A tribute to the legendary Halsey Hall, these stands will feature the best in brats, dogs and sausages.
Senor Smokes - A tip of the cap to Mr. Berenguer, these stands will feature a south of the border menu including nachos, tacos, burritos.
Frankie V's Italian - A salute to 1987 World Series MVP Frank Viola, multiple varieties of pizza will dominate these stands.
State Fair Classics - Certain to be a fan favorite with everything on a stick.
North Shore Creamery -  Building on the popularity of ice cream at the Dome, these stands will offer fans a wide variety of ice cream treats.
One major omission I noticed so far is Minnesota's own Jucy Lucy burger.  Cant you see it now?   "Fear the Cheese" as a mantra at the new stadium!  I cannot wait for the new foods to be showcased at the ball park and that why it is reason number 98 why you should visit Target Field.