Open Mic: All Pro-Athlete Paintball Team

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IJune 23, 2008

            In the past week, Bleacher Report’s open mic topic beckoned this site’s writers to consider what would happen if the world’s greatest athletes applied their skills to some of America’s sports that have smaller followings.

           Countless talented writers have already addressed this issue in respect to sports such as soccer and rugby. However, what if the world’s best athletes put their abilities to a test in the world of paintball?

           If I was given the opportunity to assemble a paintball team out of any current professional athletes in the world, this would be my team. Let me know what you guys would do.

1)     Adam “Pacman” Jones (Football)

For some reason, I have a feeling that Pacman may know a thing or two about using guns.

2)     Michael Vick (Football)

Vick has the playmaking speed and vision to be a potential game-breaker in the world of paintball. In addition, Michael’s time in lockdown could prove to be beneficial to him in terms of paintball.

3)     Darren Sproles (Football)

The diminutive and elusive running back from San Diego would be able to avoid the shots from opposing players as well as anyone in the game.

4)     Steve Nash (Basketball)

Nash has the vision that it takes to excel in paintball. Besides, he has experience not only in basketball, but also soccer, hockey, and rugby. Therefore, it is safe to say that Nash is prone to excel in a variety of sports.

5)     Greg Maddux (Baseball)

He’s already one of the most accurate pitchers in the history of baseball. If he can apply his accuracy prone tendencies to shooting a paintball gun, he’d become a star in no time.

6)     Martin St. Louis (Hockey)

The speedy shooter from Tampa Bay has both the mobility and accuracy to excel in paintball, should his skills translate to the game efficiently.

7)     Devin Hester (Football)

Devin’s speed and vision makes him one of the greatest play-makers in the NFL today. I have a feeling that these attributes would make him a big time play-maker in paintball as well.