Major League Baseball Players as Superheroes

Ray FinkleContributor IJune 23, 2008

Over the past few years, Superhero movies have been on the rise in the United States and after recently seeing The Hulk, I decided to break down the recent characters into MLB players that fit their superhero mold.

THE HULK—Troy Glaus 3B St. Louis Cardinals

I know everyone is thinking the Hulk is a big strong man but I'm doing this on current MLB players (sorry Barry and Canseco). Troy Glaus fits the Hulk mold for plenty of reasons. Troy is a big thick strong man who is really known for one thing and that is hammering the ball.

Although his homers are down this year, in June alone he has had seven long balls, which are Hulkesque numbers. Troy and the Hulk are both known for their strength and big stature.

Batman—Mariano Rivera CP New York Yankees

Batman really has no super powers and Mariano Rivera does not have dominating stuff. Yet they both are somehow great. Batman isn't exactly a superhero; he can't fly, lift tanks, or use special powers.

He is just a solid crime fighter with probably the best car out of any superhero. Rivera dosen't throw 100 mph or have a curve that breaks three feet, he just is a good solid pitcher but like batman and his care...has one of the best cutters in the game today.

Robin—Joba Chamberlain SP/RP New York Yankees

Robin is a great superhero but he fights along side Batman and although has shown promise and can fight by himself, we never really find out. Joba is turning out to be one heck of a starter after his great job in the bullpen. We have never really seen Joba flourish because he has always been protected by Rivera (Batman) who could come in and bail him out.

Spiderman—Chone Figgins 3B/2B/OF LA Angels

Figgins and Spiderman both have the same body and are both good at everything. Spiderman looks to be no bigger than 6 feet tall 200 pounds, and Figgins is only 6 feet tall and is in the 200 neighborhood.

Also, Spiderman can spin webs, strong, fast, and fights crime so he can basically do anything. Figgins can steal bases, get any type of hit (single, double, triple,  or homer), and he can play good defense at any position.

Wolverine—AJ Pierzynski C Chicago White Sox

Both Wolverine and Pierzynski have social problems no matter where they go. In all the X-men movies, it always seems like someone, whether it is a teammate or villain has a problem with Wolverine. Everywhere AJ goes, no matter if its Boston or Arizona, he gets booed but no matter what, both are quality assets to their team.

Professor X—Terry Francona Boston Red Sox

Professor X, although may be limited to a wheel chair, he is one of the most powerful characters in X-men. Francona used to be an average major leaguer but manages one of the best teams in recent memory. Both are the leaders of their team.

Captain America—Derek Jeter SS New York Yankees

This is a no-brainer. Captain America is a great superhero and is the leader of the "Ultimate Alliance." Derek Jeter is a great baseball player and is the captain of the ultimate baseball team, the New York Yankees

Superman—Carlos Zambrano SP Chicago Cubs

Superman has no weakness. Only kryptonite can kill superman and looking at Carlos Zambrano play, kryptonite may not stop him. (Note: being a Sox fan it kills me to write this). Zambrano has been dominant on the mound but so has other players like Brandon Webb, Edison Volquez, and Tim Lincecum. 

What sets Zambrano apart? How about him being the best hitting pitcher in the game, hitting homers and having a batting average over .300

Cyclops—David Wright 3B New York Mets

Cyclops is a quiet leader of the X-men and is greatly overshadowed by all of the powerful mutants around him. Wright is a soft-spoken leader on the Mets but is overshadowed by other players (Reyes, Beltran, Santana).

The Flash—Ichiro Suzuki OF Seattle Mariners

The Flash uses his super fast speed and strength to beat up the villains. Ichiro has the speed and strength by hitting a homer here and there and always having a batting average over .300