In the Fantasy Playoffs, Boise State Tops Gators 59-58 in Double Overtime

Jon SarverCorrespondent IJanuary 3, 2010

BOISE, ID - NOVEMBER 20:  Quarterback Jared Zabransky #5 of Boise State looks to pass against Louisiana Tech at Bronco Stadium on November 20, 2004 in Boise, Idaho. Boise State defeated Louisiana Tech 55-14. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
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Boise State Tops Gators 59-58 in Double Overtime

Explanation: We know many of the Gator fans given recent events will say this just can't happen.  Most of you probably think you deserve to be in the big game.  How about a playoff to determine these kind of things?  You are good enough to play in the big game, but you are home wondering who your quarterback and coach are going to be! Where would your basketball team be without March Madness?

Boise State hasn't lost in years so they have a great argument as well. This was not Oklahoma where it could be argued they didn't take the Bronco's seriously. It was a second round game in the Orange Bowl in what was Florida's home field with all the traveling fans.

It was simply a game for the ages. The truth is the BCS is ruining college football so let's all stop the silly debate a change it now! You can stop reading all of these blogs and dump the BCS and demand a College Football playoff now! Take some time to follow these links after you read about this great game.

Now on to our game.

Urban Meyer was asked again if he was "taking that leave of absence."  He replied after this thriller, "I may never coach again because the old ticker can't handle this!"  Luckily, Tim Tebow has seen allot more difficult situations on his mission trips where his goal is to help in "changing lives" which is more of a challenge than winning football games, so he said he could live with the outcome even though it was hard to go out this way losing two of the last three games.

Yes Florida lost, but there wasn't a writer in the room ready to "bang" on Tebow, Meyer, or the defense.  It was simply the best football game anyone had seen for years. It also validated why a playoff was so important; it brought out the best in everyone!

Who knows, Cincinnati may have played a better Sugar Bowl had there been a playoff because Brian Kelly would not have been allowed to leave until it is was over!  Then Meyer woke up realizing that part of the story was a dream because they were playing Boise State who hadn't lost in years, not a rudderless and abandoned Cincinnati team who was killed by Florida in that vivid Meyer dream.

It was a warm January 2 day in South Florida. All of that pesky rain that drenched the state the day before was gone and the teams were glad they were not playing on the Capital One Bowl playing field. It look like the Orange Bowl turf was in perfect shape.

Florida won the toss and elected to do the trendy thing and defer. They wish they hadn't because they were looking at first and 10 with 14:40 left in the first quarter.  Titus Young took the opening kickoff and scorched the turf for a 104 yard return and suddenly the Bronco's were ahead.

It got even better as Tim Tebow took the reins and started what would be his legendary day with a simple out pass to one of his favorite receivers Riley Copper. The ball hit Cooper in the numbers as he was crushed by a Bronco defender Jeron Johnson and the ball popped into a surprised Johnson's hands and he was off to the end zone for a twenty five yard touchdown and a shocking 14-0 with barely 1:30 gone in the first half.

Like we said earlier, Tebow has way more pressing matters to be concerned about than a football game.  When you deal with poverty, death, and disease as much as he has, a "silly 14-0 lead" is nothing!  Tebow took the dispirited Florida offense and told them to "get over it" and "get after it!" 

We guess that worked! Tebow then proceeded to shred the Bronco defense for 23 yards rushing and a 52 yard touchdown strike right back to Riley Cooper and the score tightened to 14-7 with a little over six minutes left in the first quarter.

Kellen Moore then got his troops together and told them,"This is our time to show that we belong!" It sure worked as the Bronco's took possession on the 30 and steam rolled down the field and bullied their way to a 21-7 first quarter lead behind Jeremy Avery's 42 receiving yards on that drive alone.

OK, this was not Cincinnati and how could it be? That game didn't happen in our world, just as crowning a legitimate national champion never happens in Division I college football.  We can make a change in this mess and crown a true national champions, but fans have got to want to stop reading these blogs and get involved. Well, stop reading the other blogs and continue to read our blog and the world will be a better place.

OK, Florida is great and Tebow and his boys went about proving it. Tebow took control of the team at the 21 and handed the ball off to former USC running back turned "whiner" Emanuel Moody who showed the promise Pete Carroll saw several years ago, as he raced up the right side of the field for another big play, to the Bronco 20 yard line.  The Tebow who apparently has too slow a release to make it in the NFL confounded the experts again with a 20 yard strike to Aaron Hernandez and the score tightened to 21-14. 

This score had nothing to do with bad defense. It had everything to do with players putting everything on the line and making incredible plays and great effort.  Well, why not?  Why not write that Jeremy Avery  scampered 45 yard to the Gator 5 yard line where Kellen Moore scored on a broken play to lift the Bronco's to a 28-14 lead nearing the end of the first half. 

We know what you're thinking Gator fans, "We just clocked Cincinnati who plays in a better conference that the Bronco's, so what are you smoking Mr. Blogger?" Well, in our world Cincinnati had their coach, Urban Meyer didn't retire and change his mind six times (great motivational ploy if nothing else!) and that fantasy game was much closer!

But back to reality...

With Just two minutes left in the first half, Tebow went to work. Fantasy or not, this was one of this guys best partial games ever. Almost better than that fantasy Sugar Bowl that didn't really happen! Tebow hit Deonte Thompson for a 21 yard strike as the half ended and with the extra point and Florida was in the game at 28-21.

As long as this is fantasy as well as a playoff at this point, let's dream that Tebow completed his first 12 passes and lead the Gators to scores on their first five possessions and would finish with 533 total yards more than anyone in that old BCS would ever do! 

Come on, blogger dude!  Nobody has ever done that and this is a crazy story. It is and crazy all the way to the playoff bank because in our world this happened and the score was tied 35-35 going into the fourth quarter. Even this quote has got to be fantasy, "They couldn't stop Superman," Gators guard Carl Johnson. "They needed some kryptonite."

The problem with the Gators is that they could have used Tebow on defense making those big plays as the game 49-49 with Tebow besting Kellen Moore, but not by much.  Really, at 49-49 how could one guy be a whole lot better than the other? Kellen Moore was 32-38 for 399 yards which was one of his best games ever.

That's why this 2009 GridIron Gauntlet 16 Team Playoff was so great. It bought out the best in everyone and both teams had something to play for! I mean, Florida fans would you rather be basking in that "Dream of a Sugar Bowl game" or in a real playoff game with a hot Tim Tebow?  You have benefited by a lousy system that has screwed other deserving teams and made it seem like it is an SEC right to win a NCAA Division I National Championship. 

What about Utah 2009?  They lost less games then you did in '09?  What about USC?  they were easily as good as you were at the end of the Season?  Do you think you could beat Texas or Alabama in a 2010 rematch?  Shoot, Auburn was screwed by USC in 2004 and USC by LSU and the computers in '03!  It goes on and on!

Anyway, Tebow led the Gators to another apparent touchdown in the first overtime, but an unfortunate offside brought the ball back and they had to settle for their first field goal of the day and a 52-49 lead. Suddenly, the Gator defense had to hold the Bronco's as they were up to the task as the Bronco's had to settle for their first field goal of the day as well.

So, we had 52-52 in the what would be called the "greatest playoff game ever!"  OK, this was the first year for the playoffs and there were still two rounds to go, but what a great place to start!

The Gators started overtime number two with a Tim Tebow 10 yard run and then a touchdown to David Nelson (of Ozzie and Harriet who had eligibility left) as a shocked Bronco defense looked on! But they missed the extra point and suddenly this great effort was in serious peril.

It's time to end this game and luckily for us, the Bronco's felt the same way.  Both teams played like National champions, but Boise State had more tricks up their sleeve.  Including the seldom used Statue of Liberty play on what looked like a hopeless third and 30 and a lost game! The reason you have a playoff is because the games matter.

This game really mattered to both teams, so with the game on the line and Florida looking like it would advance, Kellen more handed the ball off to what looked lock a blocking fullback Titus Young. Young took the ball and rumbled 35 yards for the tying touchdown. 

Kyle Brotzman then put this story to sleep with the extra point. Tim Tebow's NFL stock rose a bit higher, no matter what the talking heads say. I mean, have you seen some of the NFL quarterbacks lately. Do you think he could make some plays that Jamarcus Russell screws up? 

We've presented two reasons for a playoff.  Both Florida which had one subpar game in two years and Boise State who have had non so far deserve a shot at a true National Championship. In our fantasy world Boise State is still alive and Florida would be in any world!

Boise State was now set to play Oregon (How did they get this far? We simulated the game before they decided to make Terrell Pryor into Vince Young) in Glendale Arizona in two weeks in the semi-finals. Stay tuned, it is going to be fun!