Ducking and Dodging: Thoughts from a Recovering Mayweather Fan

Lorne ScogginsCorrespondent IJanuary 3, 2010

Ducking and Dodging: Thoughts from a Recovering Mayweather Fan

-Lorne Scoggins


It was September 19, 2009. As I watched Floyd Mayweather Jr. totally dismantle and out-class a fighter I have tremendous respect for – I must admit I was impressed. His performance against the great Juan Manuel Marquez was nothing less than perfect.

Of course it came as little surprise. We all expected Floyd to win. However, I must admit that I never expected the fight to be such a totally, one-sided event.

As I rooted for Marquez, I couldn’t help but appreciate the skill in which Mayweather accurately pinpointed his perfectly timed counter punches. As for his defense; he was untouchable.

During that fight my instinct as a boxing fan overtook me. I decided to finally become an official fan of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

When the fight was over there was no hint of anxiety as fans awaited the official decision. Mayweather never lost a round.

Then something happened - a magical moment in which my newly changed mind suddenly changed back. Floyd spoke.

Kellerman...Floyd…Kellerman…Mosley… Floyd… I won’t get into the details. Boxing fans are already all too familiar with the scene. The whole thing reeked of professional wrestling.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a defensive genius. He is a master of employing the shoulder-roll technique. He's a defensive technician the likes of which boxing has rarely witnessed.

He can dodge, duck, and counterpunch like no other athlete in the sport today. He can land blindingly quick, accurate counterpunches as he backpedals. He can slip a punch, disappear from a corner, and reappear in the middle of the ring -momentarily causing his opponent to have to search for him.

While he has yet to prove himself as one of the all-time greats, his defensive skills are unquestionable.  

His record of 40 Wins (25 knockouts, 15 decisions), 0 Losses, 0 Draws - testifies to the fact that he's - (how can I put this) - He’s never lost a fight. So what does that really mean?

You see, his defensive genius isn’t limited to the boxing ring. It’s difficult to deny the fact that he is the POUND FOR POUND BEST DODGER OF WORTHY OPPONENTS. In fact, I'll go out on a limb here and say that HE'S THE GREATEST (FIGHT DUCKER) OF ALL TIME.


While Floyd lacks certain desirable, human character traits like humility and integrity – at least he still has his diehard fans.

As I look around the web, I find boxing forums where my articles about "Filipino Pride" have been posted for discussion. Unfortunately, I notice that while I made my best attempt to plainly describe how most Pinoys view the whole “you’ll do random drug testing or else” issue – many readers still don't get it.

It comes as no shock that many of the responses from Mayweather fans are vulgar, arrogant, and ignorant – not unlike the persona of the man they idolize.

Education is a good thing, but if a person chooses to look at a situation with tunnel vision, it’s unlikely that any amount of reasoning will change their mind.


Ignorance is to blame for the way some people perceive Manny's refusal to submit to random blood testing. Mayweather et al; have managed to dupe a lot of folks into believing that if Manny doesn’t submit, he must be guilty.

The fact remains that Manny has more supporters than critics. Take a look at the countless polls that can be found nearly everywhere you look. Support for Manny appears to be in the 80 – 90 percentile range.

Included in the list of Pacquiao supporters are Roy Jones Jr., Larry Merchant, and Ray Hatton to name a few. The vast majority of sports columnists have also sided with Pacquiao.

Many boxing enthusiasts want to see Pacman destroy Mayweather. They want to see the self-proclaimed greatest ever be humiliated and embarrassed. They want to see Pacquiao put him to sleep. Think Pacquiao vs. Hatton – round 2.

Since Mayweather has succeeded in marketing this as Good vs. Evil - who better to receive a sledgehammer-like sleeper to the chin than the great villain of boxing? And who better to deliver it than the gentleman of the sport?

I’m pleased to announce that my Mayweather addiction was extremely short-lived. I’m fully recovered and I’m 100% sure that I won’t be falling off the wagon.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has harmed his career to the extent that the damage could be irreversible, and frankly, who cares?


-Lorne Scoggins

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