Who is Coming to TNA Tomorrow? You Might be Surprised

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 3, 2010

There are rumors all over the wrestling sites about who will be appearing at this monday's special three hour Impact.

Some of the people I am listing are confirmed while others are simply rumors, so don't take any of this as guaranteed news.

The obvious appearance of Hogan and Eric Bischoff is enough of a headline in itself, but now several other names have been mentioned.

RVD is someone who is getting a lot of chatter, he has been vocal about discussions with TNA and now it seems that he is all but confirmed for tomorrow night.

Ken "Kennedy" Anderson is rumored to be making his TNA debut on Monday as well.  It seems likely since he just finished up touring with Hogan that he would be brought in.

Paul Heyman has been mentioned by some as a possibility with some sort of role involving RVD.  Heyman will always deny rumors so he has not made any comment.

Tommy Dreamer has been reported as telling people he is heading to TNA so we may see a mini-ECW reunion with Mick Foley and Raven already in TNA.

Raven and Tommy have a long history that could be continued on TNA.  This would be an original ECW fan's dream.

Scott Hall has actually inked a deal with TNA so he is pretty much a lock, and Sean "X-Pac" Waltman has also been a name thrown around as a possible addition to the roster.

Shannon Moore could also be debuting on Monday.  He finished up the Hulkamania tour in Australia and now he tweeted that he is heading to Orlando with Jeff Hardy to talk to Hogan. Hardy said he is putting in a good word for Moore, but Hardy himself will not be coming to TNA.

It is rumored that Hardy will come back to WWE to face Punk at WM26 so I doubt he would give up the payday to go to TNA.  But come one, how cool would it be if Hardy came out at the top of the show to wrestle in TNA?  It would be the biggest surprise of the night.

So lets see, we have the possibility of RVD, Dreamer, X-Pac, Heyman, Moore, and Kennedy/Anderson while we are pretty much guaranteed to see Hogan, Bischoff and Hall.

Not to mention the other possibilities that exist.  WWE and WCW both have plenty of guys who still wrestle independent matches that could be brought in as a way to boost ratings. 

Buff Bagwell has been looking to wrestle on the national stage again, and both Manu and Sim Snuka have been looking to wrestle again. 

TNA has also been bringing in "Legends" to face Jay Lethal lately so we could see some interesting older guys as well.  Jim Neidhart and Tatanka have both appeared so who knows, maybe Sid Vicious will come in with Hall since they have been touring together.

Sounds like a WCW/WWE/ECW reunion is what TNA has in mind.  All these guys have potential to help TNA's ratings, but we will see on Monday who actually shows up and who are just rumors.