Texas Tech Wins the Alamo Bowl: Looking For a New Captain

Alli MContributor IJanuary 3, 2010

Lubbock, Texas—Let me start this off with an apology. I am a student by day and a super-duper cocktail waitress by night.  I was running my tail off last night and was not able to watch much of the game.  But I believe after Tech's win, there needs to be a follow-up article.  I will not have details but more commentary on the Alamo Bowl and "Team Leach."

So Texas Tech wins the 2009/2010 Alamo Bowl.  Yeah!  What does this mean? 

Seniors in the football team are sent off with a "W."  My senior friends in the Texas Tech Goin' Band have a bowl game to remember.  Ruffin McNeil has a foothold with the Tech administration.  

Minor Game Breakdown

Taylor Potts did not sport his "Nick" jersey.  He also played for most of the game.  He also "hurt" his non-throwing hand, had it X-rayed, and wanted back in the game.  HA!  Two coaches said no.  Sheffield finished off the game, with rubber bands in his arms and fireworks in his eyes.  Well, maybe not, but it sounds good.  

Sheffield NEEDS to be the starting QB next season.  

The defense struggled to say the least.  Even though their "Capt'n" was at the helm, he wasn't with them.  They had mental issues with the shakeup of command.  Unfortunately, this is something that is not going to disappear unless Ruffin does not take the "head" job.  

Can I put this out there?  I LOVE watching Matt "Lynwood" Williams kick.  

I had customers last night who made a new drinking game: Every time Adam James was shown on TV, they took a swig.  I think they got up to 60.

That bar room has never been so negative towards the James' family as it was yesterday—"birds" flying and "words" to accompany.  It was almost a laughable situation.  

It won't be so laughable when the team returns, and Adam has the nerve to set foot on Lubbock soil.  The townies and students are still out for blood.  Pirate runs deep in these dusty plains.  

Mike Leach

I have toned down my opinion.  I am still an active member of Team Leach.  I do think Leach did nothing wrong, but he also got fed up with everything that the Jones' were dishing out.  

Unfortunately, Leach "blew up" at the wrong kid, and it came back to bite him.  I do believe that Leach has temper but only provoked when it becomes an issue (i.e., "Fat Little Girlfriends" and the outburst against University of Texas refs in 2006 and 2007).  

I have said this over and over again: When a coach sues a university and the student body stands behind the coach and NOT the university in which they are paying tuition to, there is something wrong with the situation.

Leach has a long road in front of him.  Good Luck.