Florida Gator's Lament: What Am I Going To Do Now?

Larry SnarkvilleAnalyst IJanuary 3, 2010

OXFORD, MS - OCTOBER 10:  Alabama Crimson Tide fans react near the end of a 22-3 win over the Mississippi Rebels in their college football game at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium on October 10, 2009 in Oxford, Mississippi. (Photo by Dave Martin/Getty Images)
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Picture of Mr. Bama-dude yuking it up makes you sort of sick, doesn't it? You have no idea!

There's a famous story about a broadcaster who after calling the last game of his team's season, puts his head down on the table in front of him, buries his face in his hands, and breaks down crying.

His colleague turns to him and says, "Hey, it's o.k. We'll get 'em next year. No need to cry."

To which he replies, "You don't understand. Now I've got to go home. What am I gonna do?"

Pretty much sums up how I'm feeling now that the Sugar Bowl is past.

Blah .

What am I going to do now that Florida's season is over.

No way I can watch the BCS Championship game.

No way.

Not that's it's an anti Texas or Alabama thing (it is). Nor is it a sour grapes thing on my part (it is).

Look, we played with fire all year. Got lucky to pull out a few wins (shh!).

But I'm greedy (the first thing I said to my coach—we talk during the season—at halftime of the Sugar Bowl was "you can't miss that field goal. Can't." That field goal would have put us up 33-3).

But I don't care very much now that our season is over.

I can't get excited to watch another team. I'm a fan of my team, first; college football, a distant second.

Now this same coach, the only man I've ever called "coach" in my life, is in a totally different situation.

He took a gamble at the beginning of the year.

He bought airline tickets for California, knowing that the BCS Championship was going to be played in....(hold on. gotta Google where the BCS game is being played so...I...don't...sound...like...a... total...idiot. What did we do before we had the Internet?)...oh yeah, Pasadena—I knew that.

"You know, sweetheart. We'll make a vacation of it. If the Gators make it in, it'll be that much better. If not, we'll still have a vacation to look forward to. In California! C'mon, hon. It'll be great." (He'll never live this down. Ever. It's so over for him).

Anyway, he and his wife hoped that Florida, our alma mater, would make a repeat visit to the championship game.

As the year progressed, he and I sweated out some serious nail-biters thanks to the flu, the UF Police department, concussions, mid-life crises, questionable officiating that always seemed to go our way (there, threw you haters a bone. So there!), and on and on.

And as the SEC Championship game approached, I remember him repeating to me that, "We've got a lot riding on this game, Michael. A lot."

Well, neither of us had good gut feelings going into that game and we were rewarded for our well-placed trust.

But Coach was still left with the tickets in hand.

Now, he and his wife are vacationing in California.

Living the good life.

Soaking up the sun, tasting the wine, checking out the hot looking...cars, and pretty much being as miserable as you'd think they'd be.

Engulfed within the sea of screaming-out-loud Crimson and drawl after drawl of "Roll Tide!" it's killing him.

It's killing me; to hell with him!

Makes me want to put my head down and cry.

You don't understand.

What am I gonna do now?


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