The Royal Rumble: Some Thoughts Of This Years Annual Classic!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IJanuary 2, 2010

As the Royal Rumble approaches, I can’t help but get excited. It is only in the Royal Rumble where a wrestling fan is truly left in suspense.

We know for the most part at least half of the wrestlers that won’t win. I’m sure we won’t see a guy like Goldust pick up the win, but there are a lot of guys that you could wind up seeing the winner.

It wouldn’t shock me to see someone like Kane, Jericho, or even Jack  Swagger win the Rumble. You just never know who will wind up winning this thing.

That is the great part of this match, you can pick out a few different superstars and it would make a good match. Imagine what a draw HBK vs. The Undertaker would be for the title?

This is one of the few PPV’s that I never miss. So with that said, let’s look into a few of the possibilities shall we? I am going to throw out a few names for all of you nice people to chew on. After all, that is half the fun of the match.

Shawn Michaels

This match would work in many ways. The fans want a rematch of this classic Wrestlemania bout with The Undertaker. Throw in the fact that the heavyweight title would be on the line, and we are looking at PPV gold. My only problem with this match would be that it’s very hard to reproduce a classic match of that magnitude.

I’m sure if they did wrestle again it would be a good match. But the fact is; creating the same kind of magic that was produced in the first one would be very hard. Either way, if they did go this route, it would be a safe and solid choice.

Jack Swagger

I know that he has been on a bit of a cold spell as of late. That being said, this kid is loaded with potential and winning this type match would do wonders for him. I know this is a long shot, but it could happen.

He could go on to have a solid feud with John Cena for the WWE belt. If I recall correctly, the last two matches they had were solid. I would be surprised if he did wind up winning the Rumble. With that said, I also wouldn’t be shocked either.


In every Rumble that I have seen Kane in, he was always a beast in it. Although his track record as far as winning isn’t good, it doesn’t mean that he won’t win it. In fact, he is the wrestler I would probably want to win it.

I haven’t seen Kane in a good feud for the belt in a long time. His loyalty to the company has always been good, and I think it’s about time they gave him a nice thank-you gift.

I know some may be concerned that this match wouldn’t be a draw. Kane and Undertaker have wrestled each other many times in that past. It has been a while, though, and with the proper build up they could easily make that a solid main event for Wrestlemania.

Kofi Kingston

To say Kofi is the hot ticket in town would be a big understatement. Over the last few months this guy has gone one to dazzle the crowd. All of his feuds have been solid, and he just keeps getting better and better. His biggest knock at first was his fake Jamaican accent. He can cut promos now and that has only pushed him further up the ladder.

People are staring to say that he can’t be pushed any higher without being in the title picture. So what better way to make this kid a star; then to have him win the Royal Rumble? This could easily make Kofi a top flight star.

Randy Orton

Why not? He could probably be interjected on Raw and Smackdown story lines. He has history with both Cena and the Undertaker. He can be great in the ring with just about anyone these days. It might even quiet the Ortonites for a little bit.

Let’s think of the possibilities for a second? If he won the Rumble, and then decided to challenge Taker for the belt, and win it, he would then have to be on Smackdown. He would have set some fresh matches with the much superior Smackdown roster.

These are just a few of the few that could win the Rumble this year. If I didn’t mention your guy, it’s because there are so many who can win this match.

Everyone who cares has their list of guys that they want to win. The winner isn’t even that important. What makes it special is the fun and excitement that it brings to the table every year.