Deco Has His Say On Porto,Barça,Portugal, Brazil and His Dream Club

Brazilian Football by SBSenior Analyst IJanuary 2, 2010

ESPN talk show host Juca Kfouri sits down with Chelsea star Deco for a quick Q and A and much comes to light.

As we all know Deco is one of the biggest stars in Europe, having the very rare honor of winning two European Champions League titles with two different clubs, Porto and Barcelona.

When asked to choose between Porto and Barcelona Deco's answer was - Corinthians.

He then went on to talk of always dreaming of playing for Corinthians for an extensive period of time until a commercial break was called.

Upon returning to the set Juca then reintroduced Deco, for all those who just joined in, as, _Deco, a player born in Corinthians,...oh pardon me...born in Brazil but naturalised Portuguese_.

We can only imagine what was discussed during the break for Juca to come back befuddled in this manner.

So switching the talk to Portugal Deco then went on to cause more uproar pointing out that the question of nationality was _relative_.

Brazil is where his friends and family apparently are and he makes no reserves in admitting _I love Brazil_.

_I was approached and asked to play for Portugal, the Portuguese media were calling for it as well_, he declares.

Deco plans on returning to Brazil one day, spends all his holidays in Brazil and even has a foundation for kids there.

Unfortunately, questions about the imminent World Cup clash between Brazil and Portugal or their recent 6-2 thrashing ,were just not asked; so we'll just have to wonder about these as well.

Finally the talk switched to Chelsea. It is after all where he is supposed to be plying his trade.

Deco makes no secret of the fact that he is unhappy at Chelsea and also objects to the manner in which Big Phil was sacked.

Big Phil's sacking at Chelsea was a last straw for a Deco who was already unhappy.

He blames Drogba and some other players for acting in a very unprofessional manner by criticizing the world champion's training techniques.

Inter Milan and Mourinho are the front runners in terms of a Deco transfer but other clubs have shown interest and the player doesn't rule out the possibility that he may be loaned out.

Of course we cannot help but notice the clear pitch he made early in the interview, practically imploring Corinthians to grab hold of him but without actually saying so.

Brazilian club Corinthians will celebrate their 100th. anniversary in 2010 and Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos and company intend to conquer the world.

Deco also complained about the injures suffered at Chelsea that would not heal and the club's insistence that he work only with their doctors, who, according to him, were just not getting the job done.

Put that together with the fans from Spain he missed and what you get is a very unhappy Chelsea camper.

Speaking about Spain the talk then shifted to Spain's recent elimination from the Confederations Cup by the USA.

A chuckling Juca asked if the Spaniards were thinking a bit too much of themselves going into the tournament.

The Chelsea star said that perhaps Spain had set their eyes too firmly on Brazil and simply forgotten that to get to Brazil they first had to beat the USA.

Happens to many good teams according to the Brazilian Portuguese player.

The fact that Spain had never won an important international tournament also added to their inexperience at this level.

A'hem...he then checked himself and said_ well they did win the Euros_.

Name three of the best Spanish players - Iniesta, Villa and Senna.

Deco believes that fellow Brazilian Marcos Senna is fundamental to Spain's success as is Iniesta. Both were absent from the Confederations Cup which Juca was quick to point out.

He regrets not being able to win the Club World Cup versus Internacional of Brazil.

Even though the club never sets this title as an objective at the start of any season, the players and manager all wanted it badly and both he and Ronaldinho were very sad about the loss.

I guess Pep's tears said it all about how much this title meant to Barcelona this year as they finally won their first world title.

He's had two wives and five kids _so far_ as he puts it and is not opposed to the idea of having dinner with Didier Drogba where he says he'd definitely speak his mind to the Ivorian.

Group G in the 2010 FIFA World Cup really promises. Hype, real talent, so many rivalries, so much heat out there..... just can't stand it!!


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