Amateur Night at The Garden! Rangers Loss Again at Home 2-1 In OT!

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2010

NEW YORK - JANUARY 02: Erik Christensen #26 of the New York Rangers leaps over team mate Marian Gaborik #10  against the Carolina Hurricanes during their game on January 2, 2010 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
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The New York Rangers inconsistency has been a problem that does not seem to want to go away. Whether it is lack of effort, or just lack of talent, the Rangers are in a battle within them selves.

After winning five games straight, {some of those games they were lucky to come away with the win}, they get destroyed in the next two game. They lose to the Islanders, they were out played and again when playing at home against the Fliers they get dominated and lose 6-0.

Finally in Thursday game against the Hurricanes, coach John Tortorella wakes up and starts to play the youngster Erik Christensen ,who in turn has a great game. But Artem Anisimov and Enver Lisin play minimal ice time. Although the Rangers came away with a close win, the first half of the game belonged to Carolina and again the youngsters were being held back by the couch. If Tortorella played the younger guys more then he has been sooner, not only would they be more experienced but they might not have went through that huge slump that they went through.

The second half of the game the Rangers took over and they did play a very good second half. But it takes more then 30 minutes of play to win against the top teams, which Carolina is not.

Today as the first period comes to an end, the Rangers are controlling the Hurricanes in their second match up in the week. Chris Higgins has missed the net twice from a foot away. One attempt was a wide open net which would have been an easy goal.

When is enough, enough! How many games does a coach wait for a player to show up and start paying and scoring. Half way through the season, Higgins as been a total flop. I for one am just about witts end watching players like Higgins , Ales Kotalik, Redden and Rozsival gobbling up tons of ice time and watching the young , better players riding the bench.

You might ask , well what about Chris Drury? The problem with Drury when you compare the others is that Drury is noticeable. He creates tons of offensive chances as well as plays awesome defense. Drury has created more breakaways then any one on this team as well as helped out defensively more then the defense. Although his salary is not matched with goals, Drury does do everything else perfect. Watching him play, it is not hard to expect him to break out any game now. But again, how long does a GM or couch wait?

After Christensen’s awesome play only two days ago, Tortorella changed the line up and placed Chris Higgins on the first line again with Dubs and Gabby. Now why in the world would you change something that worked. Just another dumb move. But I guess stupidity is expected when we talk about this couching staff.

Why has no moves been made to try trading these guys. Rozsival has not played as badly as he has but he has fanned on passes and shots that as a professional he should have been able to handle. Redden as always has done nothing, and neither of the two has helped defensively or offensively. But yet Rosy still has been playing 20 plus minutes a game.

Del Zotto has played better they ever in this game, hitting and attacking everything that moves. The Rangers as a whole were very aggressive in terms in checking. The First period was a very exciting period.

The second period was a nightmare to watch. The Rangers get a 4 minute power play and can not get a shot on goal for the first 2 ½ minutes. The Rangers missed the net at least 20 times. Some from only a few feet away and the Rangers failed to capitalize on the pp.

Carolina pressured the Blue shirts through out the second and had the Rangers backing up on the their heels. More inconsistency from the Rangers as they failed to start the second like they ended the first. Aggressive and fore checking .

Again in the second it was Drury who was standing out making plays and creating the offense. The only thing missing in his play is the goals and that would make this a perfect game for him.

After killing a penalty with dynamic fashion towards the end of the second, the Rangers defense breaks down and lets in a goal. Prior to that the Hurricanes were pressuring the Blue shirts and controlling the puck in the Rangers zone for almost 6 minutes. Totally unacceptable and just more inconsistency from the Rangers.

The third period started off no better as the Rangers go on the pk and Brandon Dubinsky turned the puck over for the second time in the game, giving the Hurricanes a very good opportunity that Lindquist again stops.

Dubinsky has not been up to par , he had a costly turn over on the power play and again on the pk. As of late his play has been sloppy, and I will say this again, he is not ready to be on that first line.

Carolina shown up for the third period and it showed as again for two periods they controlled the puck in the Rangers zone and it was all Lundqvist.

Cam Ward played superb stopping the Rangers and making some great saves. The Rangers however did beat Ward several times as they rang 4 shots off the post.

Finally half way through the third, Erik Christensen is placed back on the first line and the Rangers slow the game down in the Hurricanes zone, and Marion Gaborik comes away with the goal tying the game 1-1. Surprisingly enough, Dubinsky has scored a point in the last 5 games now. Christensen has 3 points in 2 games but yet again Tort will not keep that line in tact. There is something majorly wrong with that picture!

Marion Gaborik and Alex Ovechkin are dueling it out for leading the league in scoring. Gaborik has scored 25% of the Rangers goals this season. Can you imagine how many goals he would have if he had a solid center or winger to add with Prospal.

The game goes into over time and with 3 Rangers around the net, Carolina manages to score the goal and win the game 2-1.

The Rangers home game has been a disaster all season. Once again the inconsistency of the Rangers as well as a dumb move by Tortorella not keeping the first line in tact for this game is just ridiculous. Carolina is one of the worst teams in the league and in back to back games the Rangers fail to dominate. This team is filled with players that can not get the job done and the ability to play a full 60 minutes of hard hockey.

This is just getting to be out of hand. Enver Lisin plays 4 minutes , Anisimov played only 12, Brian Boyle only 9 ½ Aaron Voros only 2 minutes. Why even have them on the bench. I can see if these were players that did not contribute to this team. But every time Lisin , Artem and Boyle are on the ice they create action and shots on goal. I mean isn’t that what you need and want to win games. Why would you not play guys that create chances and get the puck on net. Gilroy only played 15 minutes. You can say well that’s a lot of ice time. But when you compare it to Rozsival who can not score for anything he played 22 minutes. For a team that has scoring issues again why bench the players that can score and continue to play bums like Rosy and Redden who played 16 minutes.

Even the announcers are saying every time these guys are on the ice they create good things. but yet they continue to see miminal ice time.  Agian Tortorella needs to open his eyes and play these guys or get the players that he will feel comfortable playing. But if that is the case that he is not comfortable playing them, then he is really clueless and needs to go.

More stupidity from the head couch potato and Tortorella gets the loser of the week award again.

If you watched the interviews after the game. It is not hard to see total frustration on Henrik Lundqvists face and in his voice. He plays great and he continues to add up the losses due to the rest of his team and the defense that continues to struggle. This is a team that is to far from being ready for the playoffs and this will continue as long as we rely on players like Higgins and Kotalik, Redden and Rozsival, and even players like Duinsky who is the most predictable player in the league. The same stuff each and every game. Take the puck into the offensive zone along the boards and lose the puck. It is gonna be a very long road Ranger fans until this team will be play off ready. We need to start booing these guys until they are gone.


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