Under Armour All-American Bowl Shows Off Potential For NCAA Scouts

Patrick FerliseCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2010

After today's Under Armour All-American Bowl game, I was greatly pleased to see the potential talent the 2010 recruiting classes have to look forward to. Just to give a little history, the Under Armour All-American Bowl consists of the best high school football players in the country, competing against each other to show off their skill on the field. These players were mostly four to five star recruits from across the country who are prospects for many big-name college football teams.

ESPN-U 5 Recruiting Classes

ESPN-U came out with new rankings for the current 2010 recruiting classes in college football. These may change in the coming months when the players "sign the deal" the play for these schools. Here are the top five recruiting classes as a result of the Under Armour Bowl verbal commitments made today.

1) University of Florida-After the AllState Sugar Bowl, Urban Meyer told reporters and reassured Gator fans that he could be back next year to lead Florida's championship-caliber team. His statement probably solidified that Florida's recruiting class would be in the top five.

2) University of Texas-The Longhorns proved this year that they are a potential National Championship winner. They stayed undefeated all throughout the year and will go on to face Alabama for the Coach's Trophy in the BCS National Championship. Their achievements this year have brought their school national recognition and have attracted a significant amount of verbal commitments from high school seniors.

3) University of Alabama- The "Saban Nation" has attracted high school athletes from far and wide to play for this championship-caliber team. Alabama, with a record twelve National Championships is now competing for its thirteenth. The Crimson Tide throughout history has been known for being in the "elite" out of college football.

4) University of Georgia- Who wouldn't want to play Between the Hedges in Athens, Georgia? Georgia is known for being a fairly football team in the SEC and struts their stuff in bowl games to boot. The Bulldogs are fierce competition for any out of conference team and prove to hold their ground as one of the top in the SEC. It is a prime pick for upcoming recruits.

5) Penn State University-What makes the Nittany Lions so famous? The answer is our good buddy "JoePa." Penn State is a proven powerhouse in the Big Ten and a force to be wary of in out of conference games. With a legendary coach and record setting bowl game appearances, who doesn't want to play for them?