100 Days, 100 Reasons To Visit Target Field. #100: No More Dome

Joe LunaContributor IMarch 15, 2017

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images


Jan 2, 2010 100 days till Opener.  Reason #100  Baseball in the Dome is no more!

The are many reasons why Minnesotans love the Metrodome, but mainly its because the Twins won two championships there. and home field advantage played a big part.  The dome is LOUD.  Being a fan there during a playoff game, you feel like you become part of the game.  Its as if your  loudness is truly helping the team.  Its great to see visiting outfielders get that look of confusion while tracking fly balls in that "holely" white dome cover.  Yes, fans loved their dome.  But Im telling you as an outsider looking in, sometimes love is BLIND.

I did some research on how the dome ranks among other ball parks and the results are not pretty.  It usually ranks in the bottom five.  Sport blog deadspin.com writes,  "As a ballpark, its deformities have always been plain to see. The trash-bag outfield. The trampoline turf. Kirby Puckett. Whenever someone draws up a list of baseball's worst stadiums, the Metrodome always makes the cut. Billy Martin is said to have once wondered aloud how anyone "could name someone like Hubert Humphrey after such a dump."

Stadium reviewer armchairgm.com ranks the dome 2nd worst stadium.  "The dome is a pile of dog crap. everything in it is either plastic or concrete. nearly all of the seats dont face home plate. and in the upper deck their are at least a dozen or so seats in each section that are obstructed by a giant concrete piling. The Metrodome was not built for baseball, and the Twins never should have moved here in the early 1980's. Most of the seats are far away from the field, and many actually face away from the infield. The only reason it is a little better than Tropicana Field (home of TB Rays) is because the Twins often field a good team, and the fans come out to support them" 

I believe a "pile of dog crap"  maybe a bit much, but I think you get the point.  With a dome you miss out on things like sunset at the ballpark on a warm summer night.   During those long frozen winters, we all get cooped up inside for too long.  We want our summers outside, the dome could not provide that.  This is why baseball in a dome is reason #100 to go to Target Field.  

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