Texas Tech: 2009-2010 Alamo Bowl Breakdown

Alli MContributor IJanuary 1, 2010

In light of the recent fiasco of Mike Leach being replaced by interim coach Ruffin McNeil, the Texas Tech team still has a bowl game to perform.  How does this look for the Red Raiders?


Tech has used three quarterbacks this season: Taylor "Nick" Potts, Steven Sheffield, and Seth Doege. 

Potts has been inconsistent this entire season, and has also shown that he does not have the team's support behind him.  After the Texas Tech vs Texas A&M game, the pocket did not hold, and the O-line continually allowed the defense through the ranks.

After the third quarter, with students chanting, "Take out Potts," Sheffield was put into the game and almost changed its outcome.  

After the team was riddled with injuries, fans favored Sheffield and Doege rather than "Nick," while Leach favored Potts—possibly giving him a second chance, or seven.

In light of losing Leach as head coach, I do not feel like Potts has the leadership prowess to keep a team steeped in controversy together.  He couldn't keep a team together during the main season.  I want to see Sheffield fill that leadership position. The Red Raider Nation really needs a leader to latch onto right now.


Brandon Carter originally showed that he had the team behind him, but after being suspended early in the season for a game, he stepped down from that leadership position and has stayed in the shadows of the line.  

When asked about which "side" he was supporting, he stated on his Facebook page, "I am in support of myself." 

Chew on that one for awhile.   

Right now the O-line needs to latch onto the quarterback and follow what they know best.


Now that Ruffin McNeil is acting as head coach, the defense is going to be at home.  McNeil has singlehandedly transformed the almost laughable TTU Defense into something that has a bit of respect within the Big 12.  I'm not too worried about our defense.

Bowl Outlook

So, comparing a university that has lost up to 10 starters and a university who has lost its head coach...this bowl game should be quite interesting, and one to watch.  

Unfortunately, I feel like this game is going to be two teams beating up on each other and not much strategy involved.  I really hope I'm proven wrong.