Mark Ingram and Alabama Headline the BCS Bowl Season

Sam Richman Contributor IJanuary 1, 2010

Although thousands have argued for a playoff system in college football, we are still left with over 30 bowl games and a very faulty national championship. Though many do not want these bowl games, we have reached the point in the year where the bowl games at least become seemingly more relevant. Starting today, we will begin to see the BCS bowl games. The National Championship will not be played until January 7th, but there are a few very intriguing games before then. Today both the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl will be played. Out of the 5 BCS Bowl Games these seem to be two of the most interesting. Ohio State matches up with the very exciting Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl. Oregon is one of the most exciting teams in college. They are one of the nation's top offenses, they will face a very strong defense in Ohio State. Ohio State Quarterback, Terrelle Pryor, looks to show many of his doubters that he can be a successful QB at the next level. Expect Pryor to throw the ball a lot, and rush for around 80+ yards. The Florida Gators and the Cincinnati Bearcats will match up in the second BCS game of the day. This is certainly one of most anticipated games of the year. The Bearcats look to remain undefeated, as the Gators look to send Florida legends, Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer out of the right note. You can expect Tebow to have a big game, while Mardy Gilyard and Tony Pike try to lead the Bearcats to a big win without former coach Brian Kelly. In the third BCS bowl game, both undefeated mid major schools TCU and Boise State square off. Many TCU fans are upset that they are not in the national championship. This is bound to be a very good game. Boise State proved they can beat very good teams, when they beat Oregon earlier this year. TCU has handled all of their opponents this year, including big wins versus Utah and BYU. Both the TCU and Boise State offenses have been the top offenses all year. Both teams are looking to prove they deserve to be crowned national champs. Do not expect a team to stop running up the score if this one is a blowout. Both teams truly believe they are the top teams in the country. The next BCS game is probably the least intriguing of the 5. ACC Champs Georgia Tech faces the 10 win Iowa Hawkeyes. Iowa was one of the top teams at the beginning of the year; however, they fell off the map late in the season, when their QB Ricky Stanzi sprained his ankle. On the other hand Georgia Tech got stronger as the year went on. The triple option offense is one of the most explosive in the country, and you can expect to see a lot of running. Georgia Tech running back, Johnathan Dwyer, is one of the top runner's in the country, expect him to have a big day. The final BCS game is the National Championship Game, which features the undisputed number one team in the country in Alabama Crimson Tide, and the undefeated powerhouse Texas Longhorns. Both teams have superior defenses. Alabama is led offensively by Heisman trophy winner Mark Ingram, while one of the Nation's top QBs, Colt Mccoy, leads the Longhorns. Both teams have very strong defenses, that are looking to shut the offensive superstars down. You can expect a relatively low offensive scoring game, but I would not be surprised to see defensive touchdowns from either team. This should be a very interesting set of BCS games; however, I still believe that the best team will not be truly found until a playoff system is in place.


ROSE BOWL: Ohio State 24 vs. Oregon 33

SUGAR BOWL: Florida 27 vs. Cincinnati 21

FIESTA BOWL: TCU 28 vs. Boise State 27

ORANGE BOWL: Georgia Tech 31 vs. Iowa 17

NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP: Alabama 24 vs. Texas 20