The Mike Leach Story: See for Yourself the Lies ESPN So Blatantly Tells

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IJanuary 1, 2010

ESPN is handling the Mike Leach story in the most one-sided partisan manner I have seen in a long time. It is worse than the media's love affair with Barack Obama during the past election cycle in that ESPN continues to simply outright lie in the face of pure fact.

Calling the visitors' media room—the same room that routinely holds over 100 reporters, visiting coaches and players, and all the camera crews and so forth—"an electrical closet" is nothing short of calling a 5,000-square-foot funeral home a coffin.

ESPN has the actual video in hand of the room but have never played it. Instead, they show only Adam James' cell phone video of a dark and scary-looking room.

Why was it dark? Because Adam refused to work out with the team in exercises his doctor had released him to do and said the sun was hurting his eyes, and that was why he showed up unready to practice and with sunglasses on.

So to accommodate a whining, spoiled kid, they sent him, with three trainers watching him, just in case he was suffering from any concussion effects, to this media room where the lights were dimmed to ease his so-called headache from the lights.

And now, ostensibly for this situation, Leach has been ousted at Texas Tech.

Please see this video over at USA Today for the truth of this closet.

Now, do you actually believe anything else ESPN will report over this?

Take a look at ESPN's version of the same room.

Adam James, the Texas Crybaby, knew exactly where he was, and so did ESPN. I have never witnessed such blatant and outright lying in the media as with this story.

If ESPN does not finally set the record straight, I will never have any respect for it as a sports news organization.

I'm sure there is blame on both sides of this case, but, unfortunately, ESPN has taken sides and only tells one of them while lying about the other.