The End Of a Decade- Memories Of Senior Abound

Dottie travisCorrespondent IJanuary 1, 2010

DARLINGTON, SC - SEPTEMBER 3:  Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Dale Earnhardt Sr. pose for a photograph after the Pepsi Southern 500 at the Darlington Raceway on September 3, 2000 in Darlington, South Carolina.  (Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images)
Craig Jones/Getty Images

Well the New year is here, Happy New Year everyone. I think everyone has something that stuck out in this past decade My particular memory was unfortunatly the 2001 season opening race when we lost the intimadator Dale Sr. I know what i was doing that very day i was at a daytona 500 party we were hooting and hollering and cheering like crazy we held our breath when Tony stewart flipped his car.

But then the race continued things progressed quite well, I saw senior behind his team cars  ( Son and Micheal waltrip) all of a sudden he started to slow and back up the next thing i knew down he when and up into the wall i cannot imagine what he was thinking, but as micheal waltrip once said " I think in the blink of an Eye your in the presences of the Lord thats where senior whent to that sunny afternoon."

I remember the party came to an abrupt halt we watched intently as kenny shrader approached Dales car then backed off flagging the emergency crew hurry-hurry if there was a chance of saving him. But that night when Mike helton approached the Podium and he had that awful expression on his face I somehow I knew what he was gonna say

My Main concern at that point turned to his Son Not Micheal waltrip But Junior I saw that kid take off to the infield care center after he got out of the car, then when he walked out of the hospital his heart had gone out of it his heart had been broken, that is the point that junior snuggled his way into my heart and i have been a devoted fan ever since well 10+ years

well it has been 10+ years now junior has had his ups and downs threw the years but none as bad as the ending year some of his problems may be attributed to his Dads passing he counted on his dad I think 2010 is gonna be a banner year for Junior I can even say he is gonna be championship material. (to me he has always been a champion with or with out the trophy) but thats just me.

Let us never forget the loss of a legend and the loss felt by his fans and felt by His Son who still feels it today 10 years later. so on Feburary 14th lets us take a moment to remember and say a short prayer for Dale sr and a prayer for Junior for a good race and for his safety.