Exclusive Interview with Stephen Appiah

AHMET BOB TURGUTCorrespondent IJanuary 1, 2010

13 Jul 2000:  New signing Stephen Appiah is paraded at the official press conference of AC Parma. Mandatory Credit: Grazia Neri/ALLSPORT
Grazia Neri/Getty Images

Stephian Appiah was one time, most favorite player for Fenerbahce fans and   still for some.....

But,  what ever happened, happened. Appiah is now with Italian team Bologna ...

He has not played for them yet but he is training with the team and he said he is fit to go.

My good friend Ziyad Perlomental from (www.superlignews.com) set down with Appiah and did  exclusive interview with him...



You were injured for a long time and missed nearly 2 seasons of play, and it has been known that Fenerbahce doctors didn't diagnose your injury in the right way, do you blame Fenerbahce for your long term injury?

Stephen Appiah: As you are aware this case is still being heard by the CAS (FIFA) and so I cannot comment on it in any shape or form. I am fit now and training to start my first Bologna game

Q: The 2010 World Cup is on the doors and Ghana have been drawn with strong teams, will you be playing at the World Cup?
Stephen Appiah: I hope so. I am just like any of the other players and I will go to the World Cup if I am selected. Its down to the coaching team. We are in a very strong group. I think aside Brazil's group this is one of the strongest. We have to work hard as a team, defend very well and take our chances when we get them. If we do that i am sure we can make the next round

Q: Now at Ghana there are many good and talented players, if a Ghanaian player received an offer from a Turkish team would you advice him to go to Turkey or do you think it will be better if that player goes to another European country?
Stephen Appiah: I will always advise players to do what is best for them and their careers and if that means going to Turkey then why not. I had some of my best years in Turkey and I love the people and place so much that it wont be a problem recommending it to any other player.