PGA Tour Next To Drop Tiger?

WesAnalyst IDecember 31, 2009

BETHESDA, MD - JULY 03:  An AT&T National flag is seen during the second round of the AT&T National hosted by Tiger Woods at Congressional Country Club on July 3, 2009 in Bethesda, Maryland.  (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)
Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Sponsors are dropping Tiger Woods quicker than he picked up mistresses.

AT&T was the latest endorsement lost by the world's No.1 golfer and now one has to wonder if the PGA Tour is going to drop Tiger as the host for its tournament, which ironically is sponsored by AT&T.

Could a professional sports organization possibly turn its back on its best athlete? Yes.

Hey, there are rumors that the NBA forced Michael Jordan into his first retirement due to his compulsive gambling problems. While there is no hard evidence to back it up, many people believe this to be true, which is shocking considering the profitability Jordan brought to the NBA.

Since Tiger is clearly the Jordan of golf, why won't the PGA Tour turn its back on Woods until he gets his life back in order?

If AT&T, the sponsor of Tiger's tournament, can drop him, then it is definite possibility the Tour may have actually asked the United States' largest provider of local and long distance telephone services to drop the once popular Woods.

This in turn gets the ball rolling and allows the PGA Tour to pull the carpet out from Tiger's feet.

AT&T is contractually obligated to sponsor the event, but they do not need to stand by Tiger's side. With this move, it gives the Tour the perfect opportunity to step in and drop Tiger's name from this year’s event at Aronomink Golf Club in Newtown Square, Pa.

The Tour can point out that a sponsor's money is too important to the Tour and the only way the event can move forward is if Tiger's name is dropped.

To further complicate matters for Woods, is the fact that Aronomink probably does not want Tiger's name associated to the event.

Aronomink, one of the country’s top-100 golf courses according to Golf Digest, was already anticipating a circus-like atmosphere. The Philadelphia area has some of the most historic golf courses in the country and yet a PGA Tour Event has not been held there on a consistent basis since 1980.

With so much hype of Tiger strolling into town people were chomping at the bit to see him in action. Now after the details of his infidelitie,s the classic track in Delaware County wishes the atmosphere was only circus-like.