Washington Freedom Players Talk 2010

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Washington Freedom Players Talk 2010
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The Washington Freedom's Sonia Bompastor, Cat Whitehill, and Becky Sauerbrunn answer a few questions on how they will celebrate the New Year, and what their plans are for 2010.


How do you plan to ring in the New Year?

Sonia: I plan to do the New Year with friends and family at my brother's house.

Cat: Well, we have started a tradition at the Whitehill casa.  It all started three years ago as people were looking for a place to spend New Year's Eve and I was able to offer my house for a small gathering.  It turned out to be a whole lot of fun, so I decided I would do it the next year.  Well the next year rolled around and I sent out an evite to a lot of my friends and A LOT of them were able to come.  We had a formal theme where you had to dress up and everyone absolutely had a blast! This year we are going with a 1990's sorority/fraternity theme and people have to use their imaginations.  It is definitely going to be interesting...

Becky: I usually have a feast with my parents and I later meet up with my friends and we ring in the New Year together.  


Do you have any New Year's Eve traditions?

Sonia: I have to eat 12 grapes at midnight and drink champagne.

Cat: I think the only New Year's Eve tradition I had before our annual party was to watch the Chick-Fil-A bowl.  It is always ACC vs SEC which means it is going to be a great game.  Sometimes my teams even make it into the bowl, but not as often as I would like.  I do have a New Year's day tradition where Robert and I watch college football ALL day! It's a great way to celebrate the day after our wedding anniversary!

Becky: My parents usually have a crab leg and steak dinner.  Sometimes we go see a movie before we part ways to meet up with friends for drinks and celebrations.  I never know what I am doing New Year's night, it's usually a last-second decision by me and my friends.  It's always fun though!


What are your 2010 New Year's resolutions?

Sonia: Nothing in particular; just to stay the same like before.

Cat: Win the WPS championship and getting better at talking on the phone.

Becky:  I am going to try to not be such a worrywart and to live more in the moment. Maybe take more risks.


What are you looking forward to most for the 2010 season?

Sonia: To have success with the Freedom team, win a lot of games, and the championship. 

Cat: I am really looking forward to putting our team back together and doing better than we did this past year.  I think we can win more games and hopefully the Championship.  I am also looking forward to the NFL draft to see where Tim Tebow gets picked up!  I am also looking forward to getting back with the national team as we are gearing up for the 2011 World Cup. I am also excited about Robert getting done with his third year, as I have heard that the fourth year of Medical school is a little bit less stressful.

Becky: I really just can't wait to get back on the field and play again with the team.  I feel like my game grew over the inaugural season and now I am looking forward to adding more of an attacking element to my game for this season.   


Thanks to the Washington Freedom for the permission to re-post this article. The original can be found here.

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