Craig James: "I'm a Dad First"

Patrick FerliseCorrespondent IDecember 31, 2009

LUBBOCK, TX - NOVEMBER 08:  Head coach Mike Leach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders during play against the Oklahoma State Cowboys at Jones AT&T Stadium on November 8, 2008 in Lubbock, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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ESPN analyst Craig James joined SportsCenter two days ago to discuss his thoughts on how his family is coping with the Texas Tech Saga. These are actual quotes and comments from SportsCenter and Craig James regarding the alleged mistreatment of his son Adam James and former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach.

Craig James @ SportsCenter

Question: Craig, in light of today's events, Texas Tech firing head coach Mike Leach... Is this a good day for the James family?

"Hey, anybody who thinks we asked to go through this... Think again. This is NOT what we were hoping for at all with Adam's career at Texas Tech. This is all a result of what happened to Adam a couple weeks ago. And I've tried to stay on target with that when I visit with people like you.

Steve, he had a concussion, the doctors diagnosed it as a concussion... It's the actions that the coach took against Adam forced us as a family to do what we did. There's not a mom or a dad in this country who wouldn't have done what we did if you knew what we knew about our son. We did it for his (Adam's) safety, we did it for the safety of his team mates, we did it for the safety of the future for him and his team mates. We didn't ask to go through this, I promise you... I promise you."

Question: If Adam's father had been Bob or Bill and had not been a former NFL player and not been a national broadcaster, would these events have ended differently?

"I can't answer that, because that's a hypothetical there... I can't tell you how much it means to us and our family. I'm not a national broadcaster at home, at home I'm a dad of four kids. And my son is a football player at Texas Tech and so what happened to him (Adam) was something that was brought to my attention. The first time I heard it we didn't know what to do. After the second time, I had to ask the university (Texas Tech) for safety and for protection which is what we did.

So I can't answer your hypothetical question about another player or their dad or their mom. But as a dad or a mom if you knew what I knew about our son you would've taken the same steps we did."

Question: There has been plenty of negative feelings to the firing of Coach Leach. Have you or your family felt any of the negativity personally?

"Absolutely, again Steve... This isn't something that we asked for. Ya know, we continue to be a victim of something. And you know, our family's been through a lot right now. Far more than we ever wanted to go through. We didn't want any of this! But we had to do it... We had to take these actions and ask the university (Texas Tech) for help.

For safety for Adam, with a concussion, who was being treated with actions that were senseless. They are not good... When a person has a concussion you have to treat them with care. So this is not something I would wish on anybody."

Question: So Adam and his team are in San Antonio right now. Can you share with us his reaction to all of the attention?

"I haven't asked him at all about the firing of his coach (Mike Leach). But Adam keeps sending me texts "dad, how're you doing", "how's mom." Well, he's doing great because he's with his team mates... He's with the people who support him and love him. His team mates support Adam, and you can see from some of the letters coming out to show their support. So the love that he has from the players around him... I'm glad he's with them right now while all of this is going on."

Question: There have been some statements that have come out from former Texas Tech players and coaches showing negativity against Adam. What do you have to say about those?

"You know what? I go back to the reason that this has all happened- A young man who happens to be my son, had a concussion diagnosed by his team doctor. It's the actions taken against Adam that really forced us to do what we've done. It has nothing to do with any of those other circumstances.

It doesn't matter if Adam is good, bad, or different... The problem happened when my son sustained a concussion and the actions taken against him. It has nothing to do with anything else surrounding Adam James and Texas Tech football."