What Can Suh Do For You?

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What Can Suh Do For You?
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 Whether your a Big 12 fan or an SEC fan, or any other conference, Ndamukong Suh is not someone you want to see in your pregame show warming up to take the field against your team. He is big, fast, strong, and has incredible ability to boot. Another words, your teams worst nightmare.

 He can stop the rush with ease, and with out missing a beat, sack your Qb in dramatic fashion. He is a one man wrecking ball for offenses. He put on a clinic in Dallas a few weeks ago. He took the high octane Longhorns offense, and watered it down to less than used battery acid. Unfortunately for him, as usual, McCoy had something to say, and managed to squeak out a "W" for the Big 12 title any ways. In quite dramatic fashion I might add. Hey Colt!, balls gotta hit the ground before the clock stops!

 For many the obvious out look after that game was, the Longhorns caught a lucky break. Luckily, not likely, exploited a strength they have at Qb to win a game they needed, more likely. In the same breathe we all looked at the Huskers defense and said this shouldnt have been close, Texas doesnt deserve their national championship invite.

 Shouldn't it have been close though? The Huskers just man handled a very strong Arizona team who took a few losses this year that they shouldn't have. When I say man handled, I mean to the tune of 33-0. Essentially they made it look like practice.  The Huskers' defense have been underrated all year long. The lack of "true" quality opponents being the culprit.

 I wish for all nay sayers sake that, Nebraska had gone undefeated, and beat Texas, there I said it, beat Texas, as much as it hurts to say. So that all the Bama band waggon jumpers and true Bama fans could watch this week while Suh made a mess of Ingram's prized backfield. While continually showing Greg McElroy more grass than you would find at a Hippie commune!

 To say that McCoy and the Horns faced a lack luster defense in the Big 12 championship game, is a crime. They faced a Texas sized defense that has been greedy on the ground and in the air all year long. The Huskers have allowed less than 20 pts a game on defense all year long, including the Big 12 championship. Thanks in no small part to Ndamukong Suh. So please, put credit where credit is due, to Ndamukong Suh and the Huskers defense.

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