Why NOT Jason Taylor To the Packers?

Stephen EllisCorrespondent IJune 22, 2008

Jason Taylor is an elite player in the NFL. He may be more worried about his career after football more than the game itself, but that's a completely different story.

What we do know about Taylor is that he suffered through a season with a team that managed only to get one win, even though they played the woefully inept NY Jets twice and lost both times.

Taylor is in the twilight of his career; which is not to say that he is no longer a great defensive player, because he clearly is.

The fact that Taylor would only like to play for a team that can win right away and/or a team that is in a big market eliminates many teams.

The Green Bay Packers have recently expressed some behind-the-scenes interest concerning Taylor, though nothing formal has been publicly addressed yet. Those covering this development have dismissed Green Bay as a possible landing spot for the Dolphins defensive end.

Does Green Bay have a chance to win right away?

Last year, the Packers went 13-3, hosted the NFC Championship game, and were one Lawrence-Tynes field goal away from reaching the Super Bowl. Granted, the Packers did not deserve to win the game, and aside from Donald Driver turning on the burners on a 90-yard play, they should have been blown out.

Also in the mix is the retirement of Brett Favre. How will Aaron Rodgers handle being the starter? This question will only be determined by his play on the field this season. Any attempt to use the Cowboys game last season as a litmus test for his whole NFL career is projecting on a ridiculous scale.

I believe that Rodgers will be good, or at least adequate, enough to compete and possibly win the NFC North. I do not want Vikings fans complaining. Even though your quarterback has more experience, there is no way I would trust an experienced Tavaris Jackson over an inexperienced Rodgers.

And the Bears...who is their quarterback this year?

Needless to say, I am a Packers fan. I might be letting my allegiance cloud my judgment, but I can't see how a man with first-round talents can fail after sitting behind Brett Favre for a couple of years.

Also, Rodgers is blessed with the receiving corps that the Packers have (Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, James Jones, Ruvell Martin, and newly drafted Jordy Nelson). He also inherits a solid running game with Ryan Grant as the featured back.

As the youngest team in football last season, the Packers defense rose to the occasion. Can they win right away? You can answer that for yourself, Jason Taylor, but the Packers are putting a quality product on the field each Sunday.

Green Bay is also a viable market, not in population, and not in the sense that you can attend movie premiers or show off your sweet moves at the club, Mr. Taylor, but for their visibility. The Packers will be on network TV a number of times this year, from multiple stints on MNF to many nationally broadcasted games.

Perhaps Taylor just does not want to deal with another young quarterback stepping in and following a great quarterback. Or maybe moving from the Miami lifestyle to the Wisconsin party scene is too much for Jason.

This brings us back to issues over commitment to the game and a desire to win versus a newfound taste for the limelight.

Because Taylor clearly insists that he wants to play one year (maybe two), the Packers would be foolish to give up much for the player, even though he brings his obvious talents. Aside from what they would lose to rent Taylor, the Packers could be messing with a good team-chemistry and a strong defense.

Instead of wondering why not Green Bay, maybe Packers fans should ask why Jason Taylor?