Waiver Wire: Get Crisp Outta Here

Mike RCorrespondent IJune 22, 2008

While at first the center-fielding spot for the Red Sox looked to be shored up, the current backup at center field for the Red Sox looks to be washed up. I'm not talking about the sensation that critics said was a flash in the pan and should have been traded for Johan Santana (Jacoby Ellsbury, for those of you not enlightened to the future at center field). Nay, I'm more concerned with the dreadlock donning, once upon a time speedster, who now can't throw to the cutoff man, more commonly known as Coco Crisp.

Yes, there was a time when I thought he should be defended. He was stealing bases successfully, busting his hump in the field, and though he was a bit of a liability for his arm, the other things mentioned made up for it. Not so in the past couple of weeks. To get you up to speed, in the last few weeks Coco has gotten into a brawl (which set off the overplayed tiff between Youk and Manny in the dugout), cost Papelbon another save with his sloppy play at center (earlier this afternoon versus the second place Cardinals), and has seemingly lost his will to hit the ball with all the trade talks involving his name (currently batting a dismal .265 with only 12 out of a possible 30 stolen bases this season).

Which leads me to my next point: it was said that the Red Sox were talking with the Cubs about a deal involving Rich Hill and some other players. This is a terrible idea, I don't want Rich Hill. If I want anything in return for Coco Crisp, it's another baserunner who can steal like Coco used to be able to and then maybe another solid reliever to bolster the pen. We don't need a starter, and we certainly don't need a Cubs starter. If we want to play the game of bringing in unproven starters, we can either promote from within (which has worked well in the past- Lester, Buchholz, Masterson), or else we might as well go for Sabathia in Cleveland. He's unproven in the playoffs (0-2 versus the Red Sox in 2007). The last thing we need is Rich Hill.

So, far be it from me to tell the geniuses in Red Sox management how to do it (they've been doing quite well- two World Series rings in the last four years), but I am a firm believer in trading Coco Crisp. The time has come, and if we don't move on this, the time may pass as quickly as it has arrived.