NFC East Battle for the Division Title

Ryan WardCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2009

It would be hard to argue that the NFC East division isn’t the toughest division in the NFL today.

Every single season there are three teams in the NFC East division that could easily be Super Bowl title contenders and at the start of this season, that was exactly the case as the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants were getting hyped up as teams to beat in the NFC.

Coming into week 17, the New York Giants have fallen off after recent losses, but both the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles have clinched playoff berths and will face off in yet another head to head battle at the end of the regular season for the NFC East division title.

As of right now, online betting sites have the Dallas Cowboys favored with -3 point spread. This game will be an absolute battle in my opinion as the Cowboys will be looking to finally top the Eagles in a big game. Not only will Dallas be trying to prove they can play with anyone in the playoffs with a win over Philly, but this game will be huge for quarterback Tony Romo more than anyone as he has consistently played terrible in big games like this.

Obviously, both of these teams are moving to the playoffs regardless of the outcome of this game, but the momentum shift with a victory for the Dallas Cowboys or the Philadelphia Eagles as they try and make their way towards a Super Bowl appearance.

Personally, I believe this is the Dallas Cowboys time to shine and the result of this game could have huge implications and what is to come for Tony Romo and company.