Mark Richt's Championship Soon To Arrive

Nick VCorrespondent IDecember 31, 2009

ATHENS, GA - NOVEMBER 21:  Head coach Mark Richt of the Georgia Bulldogs against the Kentucky Wildcats at Sanford Stadium on November 21, 2009 in Athens, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Mark Richt has been called many names during his tenure as head coach of the University of Georgia with the main insult seeming to be soft and incapable of winning big games. Maybe these comments are true but I believe he will answer his critics soon.

Seven teams have won the National Championship so far this decade (Eight if Bama wins). If Texas wins, Mack Brown will have had two titles, Urban Meyer two, and Pete Carroll 2 this decade. If Bama wins Nick Saban gets his second title this decade instead. The fact of the matter is that these elite coaches seem to be in a league of their own and once at their respected schools they seemed to succeed pretty quickly (with the exception of Mack Brown). Mark Richt is clearly not one of these coaches yet and many wonder how he could get to this level. The answer is TIME.

Looking at there coaches they all have extensive head coaching experience that has been vital to their success.

Pete Carroll—Tons of Coordinator Jobs, then HC for Jets, Patriots before USC

Nick Saban—Few coordinator Jobs, then HC at Toledo, Michigan State, four years at LSU before title, then Miami, and now Bama and chance for title No. 2

Urban Meyer—Mutiple Position Coaching Jobs, then HC at Bowling Green, Utah, then UF

Mack Brown—Few coordinator Jobs, then HC at App. State, Tulane, UNC, then Texas where it took him till his eighth year to win a title.

Now lets compare this to Mark Richt—two coordinator jobs, then HC at Georgia. Richt is learning the HCing position as he goes and as you can see his experience is limitted. It is great that he has had this type of success already. Certain things point to his maturation as a coach already.

1. Giving away his play calling responsibilities. Although some people have been getting on Bobo's case as a playcaller it was still the right move for Richt. He was distracted and sometimes it's harder to make a call when all responsibility falls straight onto your shoulders. The offense has been pretty productive this way as well and not as conservative.

2. Gator Endzone Stomping. Although the nation may have looked at this poorly I don't think there is a dogs fan that disliked it. Richt found a way to fire up and unite his team all at once. He couldn't find that inspiration certain coaches provide their teams with in big games and Richt went after it in any way he could get it. It was a great sign that Coach Richt is looking at every angle to motivate his players and not too mention get them pissed about always dropping the game in Jacksonville.

3. Getting Rid Of Martinez. Lets face it—Georgia's defense was bad. Coach WM had to go. Georgia fans feared that Richt couldn't part with his close friend and make a tough fire. The program came first and winning was reinforced as the main priority. Poor defense and 8-5 seasons will not be tolerated at UGA. Now Richt is on the hunt for one of the nations top D-Coordinators.

Richt is on his way and although he could be on the more of the Mack Brown plan to getting a title I believe he will utimatley get there soon enough. Dawgs fans be patient because sometimes you already have the right man for the job.