Filipino Pride: The Main Reason Pacquiao Refuses Random Testing

Lorne ScogginsCorrespondent IDecember 31, 2009

Filipino Pride: The Main Reason Pacquiao Refuses Random Testing

-Lorne Scoggins

My wife is from the Philippines. She made her best and most passionate attempt to explain to me why Manny Pacquiao and his Filipino fans are against the random drug testing that was demanded by the hypocritical De La Hoya and the cowardly Floyd Mayweather. She tried to convince me that the LAST thing Manny needed to do was to “bow down” (her words) to Floyd’s idiotic demands.

I wrote the article anyway. I’m speaking of my last article entitled “Pacquiao vs. Mayweather: Manny Just Submit to the Testing”. I must admit that between the comments made on the article and the inbox full of emails I’ve received all day, I have a better grasp on the concept of Filipino “honor”, “pride”, and “dignity”.

Most were cordial in their attempts to give me a better insight on the issue at hand. Others were more passionate. The F-word was used a few times by some who found my article particularly offensive. It was a rough day. I got schooled, owned, and burned.

My wife had apparently glanced at the comments on my article a few times while she was at work because she came home singing a little ditty she wrote that goes something like “You got in trouble, You got in trouble…” After her performance she started with her “I told you so” speech.

It’s a culture thing that loses something in the translation between the Filipino and American fans of Manny Pacquiao.

I had done a lot of thinking about it, and I finally decided that the best possible solution was for Manny to give in enough to find some middle ground pertaining to the Mayweather camp’s ridiculous requests. I thought, if only Manny would give in to the testing, he could clear his name then give Floyd Mayweather the beating he deserves. This, you see, is the American way of viewing a possible solution to the whole mess. However, to Filipino fans, it’s not that simple.

My new friend, Daniel, said it best:

“You are married to a Filipina, but you are not a Filipino. There is an ocean of difference between the latter and the former. You can't understand the feeling that Manny has in this matter because no Filipino blood flows in you. To most of us Filipinos, money is not everything! Being true to one's self and others that matter to us is more important than a huge amount of money and what doubters say. Our principles are not for sale, not even for $40M. Maybe we Filipinos have different principles from many other peoples, but for us, being right per se is much more important than acceding to ill-willed people’s demand to prove that we tell the truth.”

I have always maintained that Manny is innocent. Let me make that point crystal clear.

To my fellow American boxing fans; Manny Pacquiao is not guilty of using steroids, HGH, or any other form of performance enhancing drugs. The fact that he chooses not to submit to random tests should not be interpreted as an indication of guilt, even though it’s how we’re programmed to think.

An additional factor is that Manny Pacquiao truly believes that blood withdrawals that take place too close to the fight will weaken him. This is not some new thing that he just dreamed up to avoid the testing. Today I was directed to a YouTube video that shows Manny being interviewed following his loss to Morales in March of 2005. In this interview he sincerely expresses his heart-felt belief that a blood withdrawal a few days before that fight weakened him and contributed to his loss.

In addition to this, Manny made an official statement today in which he further explains his issue with random testing.

“My concern as a fighter is that there should be some limitations and agreements on how much blood they can take from someone prior to a fight. My other concern is how close to the actual fight itself can they take the blood. It is my opinion taking blood from a person can weaken you. I do not want to be in a weakened state when I enter the ring against any fighter.”

Note that he didn’t say he’s against blood testing. He said he believes there should be “…LIMITATIONS AND AGREEMENTS”. Is that so unreasonable? Asafa Powell wouldn’t call it unreasonable.

  “I got pretty upset two days ago because since I have been here, they have tested me four times. They’ve taken so much blood from us we’re going to be very weak before the final.”- Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell complained he was tested excessively during the 2008 Olympics


A matter of principle:

Filipinos see it like this; why should Manny agree to a fight to put $40 million in the pocket of a boxer who has smeared his honorable name through the mud? At this point, why should he feel that Floyd “Money” Mayweather deserves the opportunity to get inside the same ring with him?

What about a fight with Malignaggi? Americans may view this as a great opportunity to decapitate another fighter who has also implied that Manny is using PEDs. Again, why should he honor Malignaggi with the privilege of fighting him for a huge check?

Americans are thinking about revenge. Filipinos are thinking about principle.

Oscar “The Hypocrite” De La Hoya, Tricky Dick Schaefer, and Floyd “The Duckman” Mayweather will live to regret their silly little PED accusations (you know, the accusations that were repeated by virtually every boxing writer even though the three stooges now vehemently deny ever having said them).

They are the ones who have exposed their true colors, cute little devils. They have disgraced and embarrassed themselves and the worst is yet to come. I’m not feeling very sympathetic toward them right now so frankly, who cares?

Manny will emerge from this travesty with his honor and pride intact. His true fans will continue to love and support him.

-Lorne Scoggins

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