Frank Wren - It's Time To Save Our Money.

Tom RossiterContributor IDecember 30, 2009

ST. LOUIS, MO - AUGUST 7: Troy Glaus #8 of the St. Louis Cardinals reacts to nearly being hit by a pitch against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Busch Stadium August 7, 2008 in St. Louis, Missouri. The Dodgers beat the Cardinals 4-1.  (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

It is time for the Braves to call it an off season. We need to start saving our money. There isn't another impact bats left in the free agent market that will satisfy our need for a power hitting left fielder, assuming Holliday is out of our price range.

If perhaps we make a small trade for another defensive minded infielder, fine, but nothing substantial.

We have conflicting reports of how much money the Braves have left to spend. Different reports have said there is anywhere from 6 to 13 million available. I am here to say we need to not spend that money…yet.

There will come a time during the season that we will make a run for the playoffs. We will be able to make a trade during the season to bring in the big bat that we need. Having extra money will be a luxury for us during the season.

Remember the Nate McLouth trade last season? That trade doesn’t happen if we weren’t able to cut Tom Glavine and not pay him his $1 million salary.

There could be some big offensive minded players traded during the season this year. For example, Carl Crawford, Lance Berkman, Adam Dunn, Paul Konerko, Derrek Lee and Carlos Pena are all free agents at the end of the season and may not resign with their teams. Therefore if their team is out of contention and looking to cut payroll for the rest of the season, they all may be available as rentals. (Also, I know we have Troy Glaus, but don’t tell me we wouldn’t welcome one of the 1B mentioned there) Not to mention Adrian Gonzalez and Prince Fielder who both may be shopped at the trading deadline.

Teams that are not in the playoff hunt will be looking to cut payroll, even more so than normal. If you trade for a player midseason, you only have to pay their remaining salary for the rest of the season. Therefore you can get a $10 million player, like Carl Crawford, at the midpoint of the season and pay him only $5 million for the rest of the season.

If we save our money keeping in mind it will be used during midseason trades, we will be able to get more ‘bang for your buck.’ So Frank, just save it for now. I know it is hard for Braves Fans to accept, but it really is the best course of action.