Dusty Baker, Jim Leyland Vulnerable after Recent Firings?

Ben HornerCorrespondent IJune 22, 2008

After I found out that the Blue Jays had given John Gibbons the heave-ho, I texted various people to find out if they too had heard that news. 

Inevitably, my brother and I wound up arguing about who would be the next manager to be shown the door.

After an argument, via cell-phone, for a good hour or so, we were able to settle upon the conclusion of one manager from each league who might get the boot.

DUSTY BAKER Cincinnati is on the verge of a fire sale.

If you're going to be getting rid of older veterans, to try and start fresh, shouldn't the reins be handed to someone new, too?

Baker is fairly new to the Reds' bench.

With all the young prospects that the Reds have in their system, maybe it is time for every position in Cincinnati to get a fresh face.

JIM LEYLAND Let's face it, there doesn't seem to be any big upside to Detroit this season. 

Detroit has a weak bullpen, weak starting pitching, and their offense is streaky at best.

It might be time to cut their losses and try something different.

The Tigers and Reds are mediocre.

The Tigers have the potential to play well; they just aren't doing so.

The Reds are just too streaky to go on a tear that would put them in the race.

Unless something changes in a hurry, these guys could be in a bit of trouble.