Bleacher Report Fantasy NBA League: Season Preview

MiffetContributor IOctober 27, 2007

Icon Sports MediaIt's that time of year.

After much anticipation, the very first Bleacher Report Fantasy League has finally arrived.

The draft took place on Wednesday, October 24th, and the results have now been released. Here's a preview of what promises ot be a barnburner of a season... 

The random draft order was as follows:


1                    Cornell Bears ( Maura Greenwood )

2                    Destined Champions ( Forrest Kobayashi )

3                    APBulls ( Aaron Partridge )

4                    Men of Steel ( Aaron Keel )

5                    Hardwood ( Dave Metrick )

6                    Finko ( Dave Finocchio )

7                    Bleacher Creatures ( Dave Nemetz )

8                    Missouri Tigers ( Josh DJ Lee )

9                    NY Gators ( Erick Blasco)

10                WashU Bears ( David Williams )

I'll be making team analysis as if we the managers actually had a team as such. When I refer to something as "IRL" (In Real Life), I'm actually referring to real game situations, and referring to players' actual (NBA) teams. 


Cornell Bears ( Maura Greenwood )

Projected Starting Lineup

PG – Jason Terry

SG – Ben Gordon

G – Randy Foye

SF - Vince Carter

PF - Kevin Garnett

F - Zach Randolph

C – Brad Miller

C - Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Utl – David West

Utl – Kyle Korver

B – Peja Stojakovic

B – Derek Fisher

B – Jason Williams


With the overall No. 1 pick, Maura will pray for the best when Kevin Garnett takes the floor, bringing her team in with rebound and scoring power. Assisting Garnett with be Vince Carter along with dominate Zach Randolph. Also structuring her rebounds is Brad Miller and Zydrunas Ilgaukas. These players are not as dominant as Randolph or Garnett, but will contribute enough to give this Bears team a boost in that category.


With a weak lineup of guards, Maura will have to strategically see who she will start as her point guard. With a scoring machine, Ben Gordon, she will need Randy Foye and Jason Terry to bring in their A-game, hopefully contributing assists and steals, because that will be crucial in winning for these Cornell Bears.

X-Factor (IRL) 

Randy Foye. With teammates such as Ricky Davis gone, Randy Foye is left with Al Jefferson, their leading rebounder to create some plays. Randy Foye will have to learn to pass and shoot even more than he did a year before. When Perkins and Jefferson are down in the post to grab boards, they will dish it back out to Foye at times, and he will have to learn to convert those into points.

Destined Champions ( Forrest Kobayashi )

Projected Starting Lineup

PG – Andre Miller

SG – Ray Allen

G – Raymond Felton

SF – Shawn Marion

PF – Tim Duncan

F – Rasheed Wallace

C – Emeka Okafor

C – Samuel Dalembert

Utl – Rajon Rondo

Utl – Raja Bell

B – Shane Battier

B – Jamal Crawford

B – Mike Dunleavy


This team almost looks like an upgraded version of the Cornell Bears. With rebounders such as Marion, Duncan, and Okafor, Miller and Allen will have me given the chance to give this Destined Champions’ team a chance to control assists and 3-pointers. With utility guards such as Rondo and Bell, a balance of statistics will be seen from this team led by Forrest Kobayashi. This team’s Field Goal Percentage will also be a strength as Tim Duncan is already known as one of the league leaders.


With struggling Andre Miller bringing up the ball, Ray Allen may have trouble getting the open looks. Felton, who is still young and fresh from the North Carolina Tarheels a few years back, will have to step up in order to make up for this shaky front 3 guards.

X-Factor (IRL)

With young guards such as Raymond Felton and Rajon Rondo, much will be anticipated as we watch what these players will produce on the boards. Rajon leads his team as the starting point guard with veterans, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen surrounding him. He should not have any trouble getting the ball to someone, though he himself will struggle producing statistics.

APBulls ( Aaron Partridge )

Projected Starting Lineup

PG – Mike Bibby

SG – Paul Pierce

G – Gilbert Arenas

SF – Carmelo Anthony

PF – Antawn Jamison

F – Danny Granger

C – Paul Gasol

C – Andrew Bogut

Utl – Rudy Gay

Utl – Darko Milicic

B – Corey Brewer

B – Steve Francis

B – Daniel Gibson


This APBulls team has great potential. With veteran guards and forwards such as Bibby, Pierce and Arenas bringing their team together on the floor, they might be the team to beat. This team will be unstoppable when coming to points and steals. They will create a fast-paced game with Carmelo Anthony taking attention of much of the guards.


Biggest risk. Paul Gasol and Andrew Bogut are unstoppable when they are healthy. But can they stay that way? Paul Gasol is coming back from an injury, and Bogut is still in that “injury mode.” They will both have to stay healthy to produce even the minimal statistics needed to keep the balance on this team.

X-Factor (IRL)

Bench players such as Francis and Gibson will be struggling in that point guard position. Gibson will have to learn to adjust to the Lebron-styled game play, and Francis will just be fighting for some playing time. Experience is important, and Gibson will get some on this team.   

Men of Steel (Aaron Keel )

Projected Starting Lineup

PG – Stephon Marbury

SG – Andrew Iguodala

G – Chucky Atkins

SF – Lebron James

PF – Lamar Odom

F – Caron Butler

C – LaMarcus Aldridge

C – Nenad Krstic

Utl – Ron Artest

Utl – Corey Maggette

B – Kevin Durant

B – Rafer Alston

B - Delonte West


With veteran Forwards such as James, Odom and Butler, Coach Keel will not struggle with ball movement and opponent turnovers. This team will have an edge in steals and points. Young centers Aldridge and Krstic will also need to stay healthy in order to contribute to this young team.


Guards. With a unstable Marbury leading the team, back ups such as Atkins, Alston and West do not fit the description YET of a leader. Marbury will have to prove himself into to keep his starting position. Otherwise Coach Keel will have to decide to put into someone such as Alston or West.

X- Factor (IRL)

In real life, the guards are just too unstable and unreliable. Surely Rafer Alston will come back from injury and lead his Houston team with stable statistics. Delonte West will surely improve as we is still young. But Marbury is a veteran who just does not have that chemistry to make big plays any longer.

Hardwood ( Dave Metrick )

Projected Starting Lineup

PG – Deron Williams

SG – Kobe Bryant

G – Kirk Hinrich

SF – Gerald Wallace

PF – Andrea Bargnani

F – Andres Nocioni

C – Yao Ming

C – Tyson Chandler

Utl – Mo Williams

Utl – Ben Wallace

B – Jamaal Tinsley

B – Chris Wilcox

B – Quentin Richardson


Sincerely this is the best team I see thus far. Coach Dave Metrick drafted veteran Bryant along with growing stars such as Williams and HInrich. This will prove to be a dangerous starting five with Wallace, Bargnani, Nocioni, and Ming. If there is any team most talented oriented, it is this one.


This team will struggle when coming down to percentages. With Ben Wallace and Chris Wilcox on the bench and as utilities, it should not be as bad, but whenever they are in play, they will drop this Hardwood team’s Field Goal and Free Throw percentages down.

X-Factor (IRL)

Health. Hinrich, Wallace, Ming, Chandler, Wallace, Wilcox. All players I will say can truly contribute as long as they are healthy and playing above 60 games.

Finko ( Dave Finocchio )

Projected Starting Lineup

PG – Baron Davis

SG – Dwyane Wade

G – Jason Richardson

SF – Al Thorton

PF – Carlos Boozer

F – Al Jefferson

C – Andris Biendrins

C – Al Harrington

Utl – Monta Ellis

Utl – Charlie Villaneuva

B – Kyle Lowry

B – Cuttino Mobley

B – Tyrus Thomas


Team Finko has talented guards Davis and Wade who will almost seem impossible to cover man to man. Adding on to that horrendous top 2, Al Jefferson and Boozer will be scoring machines while grabbing 10+ rebounds a game. I just don’t know who can match this team up in speed when the game pace goes their way.


Almost the opposite of their strengths. Injuries within Davis and Wade will truly be the deciding factor of how far this team goes. Davis and Wade are very likely to get injured and will then leave young Kyle Lowry taking their place. 

X-Factor (IRL)

This really is the health of Dwayne Wade and Baron Davis. Who would disagree? They are NBA’s most dominant players when healthy, but become a hindrance to deal with when are injured and struggling.

Bleacher Creatures ( Dave Nemetz )

Projected Starting Lineup

PG – Allen Iverson

SG – Manu Ginobili

G – Tony Parker

SF – Luol Deng

PF – Chris Bosh

F – Mike Miller

C – Amare Stoudemire

C – Chris Kaman

Utl – Ricky Davis

Utl – Brevin Knight

B – Larry Hughes

B – Marco Belinelli

B – Anthony Parker


Variety. With guards who love and know how to pass and ball handle, young forwards Deng and Bosh will be able to quickly deliver easy buckets. Stoudemire will obviously be dominating down low. 


Stoudemire and his injuries. I think otherwise this Bleacher Creatures team is set to go for the gold. With Stoudemire healthy, this team will be one of the contending teams for the win, though with Stoudemire hurt will struggle game by game.

X-Factor (IRL)

I think this is just a stable team, which will just do well as long as each individual player is able to be consistent day by day and not have lopsided statistics throughout a week. This team will be that team that slides into the top three without being expected


Missouri Tigers ( Josh DJ Lee – LEAGUE FOUNDER & COMMISSIONER )

Projected Starting Lineup

PG – Jason Kidd

SG – Tracy McGrady

G – T.J. Ford

SF – Richard Jefferson

PF – Jermaine O’Neal

F – Drew Gooden

C – Dwight Howard

C – Marcus Camby

Utl – Jameer Nelson

Utl – Tayshaun Prince

B – Al Horford

B – Mike Conley Jr.

B – Acie Law IV


A good mix within veterans and growing stars. Jason Kidd and McGrady helping T.J. Ford, Mike Conley Jr., Acie Law IV. Camby will be helping Howard as well. This team is a wide spread of different levels of experience.


Too many rookies. Coach Lee has his whole bench as rookies, and will not get the additional statistics needed when putting these players in as utilities or as starters.

X-Factor (IRL)

Rookies. With three rookies on this Missouri Tigers team, it will just take time for this team to grow. But this just does not seem like the year that these rookies will break out, so these rookie performances will be crucial.


NY Gators ( Erick Blasco )

Projected Starting Lineup

PG – Steve Nash

SG – Joe Johnson

G – Chris Paul

SF – Rashard Lewis

PF – Stephen Jackson

F – Andrei Kirilenko

C – Mehmet Okur

C – Andrew Bynum

Utl – Brandon Roy

Utl – Leandro Barbosa

B – Devin Harris

B – Sam Cassell

B – Boris Diaw


Coach Blasco’s team will be have the fastest paced offense. With NBA’s top guard Steve Nash bringing up the ball and with ball-handler Chris Paul as his right hand man, Joe Johnson will be gunning the ball along with Rashard Lewis. Kirilenko and Okur grabbing rebounds down low will also be a great addition to this fast moving team.


Defense. With a fast-paced game comes fatigue. This then leads to sloppy defense and a lack of control on defense as well. Coach Blasco will have to really keep this team in shape and have them moving according to the opponent on defense.

X-Factor (IRL)

Kirilenko and Okur are known for their injuries. If they stay healthy, this team is rise. When these players get injured, they will suffer in the rebounding and blocks categories.

WashU Bears ( David Williams )

Projected Starting Lineup

PG – Chauncey Billups

SG – Kevin Martin

G – Michael Redd

SF – Josh Smith

PF – Dirk Nowitzki

F – Josh Howard

C – Eddy Curry

C – Shaquille O’Neal

Utl – Richard Hamilton

Utl – David Lee

B – Jarrett Jack

B – Troy Murphy

B – Marvin Williams 


FIELD GOAL AND FIELD THROW PERCENTAGES!!!! Look at Billups, Martin and Redd alone. These guys will be giving this Bears team the top spot in these categories. Josh Smith and Nowitzki along with Howard are also very efficient players for this category.


Oh wait…SHAQUILLE O’NEAL!! Now that will be the killer in FG and FT percentages, though I do not seeing it being that much of an effect due to majority of the team being top FG and FT percentage shooters.

X-Factor (IRL)

Shaq has to stay healthy, or this team will not get any rebounds. Who will be the one on this team to average over 10+ boards? Eddy Curry? If so, then who else? Watch out, this will really decide your category balance.


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