It Is Texas 2005 All Over Again: BCS Title Game

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2009

MIAMI - JANUARY 08:  Brandon Spikes #51 of the Florida Gators holds up the winning trophy after the FedEx BCS National Championship Game against the Oklahoma Sooners at Dolphin Stadium on January 8, 2009 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images)
Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images

It is starting to become more repetitive with the Texas fans over and over as the days draw near to the Citi BCS National Title game. That repetitive sound you hear is remember 2005. Just like the Alamo.


If you haven't heard it you are not a Bama fan and if you haven't said it you are not a Texas fan. "Colt McCoy is going to have a Vince Young performance a la 2005", "Vince was passed over for the Heisman to Reggie Bush and the best team in the history of college football and the Horns hooked 'em", and "Colt is mad about being passed over, again and is going to show up that Heisman winner".


This is what you are hearing from a lot of Texas fans. Same scenario as in 2005, though I think USC was on a 32 game winning streak and Alabama is on 13 game streak. Also, I don't think this Tide program has been labeled as the all time greatest team.


Mack Brown has done an excellent job, along with the media, of making this a "David verse Goliath" showdown, much to Nick Saban's admonishment thereof. He did this in 2005 and it payed off in dividends.


The underdog title is the pseudonym given to the Texas longhorns by Brown and much undeserving as so. Texas has been the true "underdog" probably about 7 times in the last 9 years. So, over a course of 108+/-games roughly 94% of the time Texas is favored to win.


Going into this game, Texas, the self proclaimed underdog, has the better overall offense, better rushing defense, and has faced better passing offenses as well. Their special teams are equal to Bama's and in some areas better. Their winning percentage is better than Bama's and they haven't lost a bowl game since 2003. Their red zone offense is ranked 4th in the nation and to make matters better their overall record against Bama is 7-0-1. 


But, don't tell any of this to the Longhorn underdogs. It may just give them a reason to believe they can win this game.


So, Colt is going to have a Vince Young performance? I'm not saying he want, but in order for him to do it he will need to rush for 200 yards and pass for 267. The latter is Colt's forte and the former, well lets see.


These two quarterbacks are totally different. Colt is a pure passer, when pushed out of the pocket he can make passing plays. When pushed out of the pocket he is not the consistent scrambler as most assume. But, he is still better than most assume. However, we are not comparing him with most. We are comparing him with Vince.


In his three year tenure, Vince managed to compile 3,127 yards rushing. In his four year tenure, Colt has amassed 1,571 rushing yards. Passing, no contest; Colt has 13,244 yards and VY has 6,040. Even if you took a year away from Colt his passing would still surpass VY by leaps and bounds.


To put Colt's rushing yards into perspective, this year he has rushed for 348 yards and 175 of those came in one game. If Colt didn't get those yards that game may have been a different story, but if "ifs and buts" were nuts I'd be a squirrel. In Vince's '05 season he ran for 1,050 yards. There is a picture here and you have to form it in your head.


These two quarterbacks may share the same team but they do not share the same style. And, to make things worse, '09 Texas is facing the #3 ranked rushing defense and not the 30th ranked USC rushing defense (at the time of play USC's rush D was probably ranked a couple of positions higher). Colt will also be facing a better passing defense than he has seen all year....wait a second, this is starting to sound like the Longhorn's really are the underdogs!


To say that Texas is the underdog is not necessarily true, however, after seeing Alabama put a beat-down on Florida, aka Tim Tebow, the media's savior, it is no wonder that they have embraced the Tide. Really, how could anybody vote against the team that dethroned Tebow? It is rhetorical.


Besides the aforementioned reason a few analyst believe that UT has not faced a well balanced team that is as effective as Alabama. Looking at the multiple backs and then a true tight-end threat along with proletariat style players give concern for who will get the ball next. 


Hold on partner, you see, here at Texas we give the ball around as well and though we are not a big producer in rushing yards we are well balanced at rushing touchdowns verses passing, 28 and 27 respectively. Were as the Tide are 28 and 17 respectively. 


Uh oh, don't tell the Longhorns but I think I just made another point as to why they shouldn't be considered underdogs.


The reality is that Texas embraces the underdog role and even had they not been they still would have proclaimed it so. At this stage of the game Texas would not have a shot at winning if they didn't proclaim the underdog role. 


So, it is 2005 all over again and Texas will win this because Colt was passed over for the Heisman, because Alabama is being heralded after their conference championship, because Texas gets no respect for barely winning theirs, because UT got passed over for the NC last year by a flawed Big 12 system, and because Mack Brown says that they are the underdog.


Unfortunately for Mack, the underdog card was already used against Alabama last year in the Sugar Bowl. And, the Tide players are still reminded of that dog that beat them down. And, it appears that Colt McCoy is not Vince Young. So, it looks like Texas is going to have to go out there and just be....Texas.